Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Live music on the Common

There is another live musical happening this Friday evening (16th October). Organised by ye goode folke at One Day Café, the Los Dawsons promise an acoustictastic night of top notch music.

This will be from 7.30pm at the Plumsteadshire Festspielhaus, AKA Plumstead Common Pavilion, AKA Greenwich Rugby Clubhouse.


lovelylovelyplumstead said...

lovely lovely evening in lovely lovely plumstead.
the los dawsons were great! and the crowd a joy, as ever.
viva plumstead.

Doctor Pangloss said...

If you think people who write positive things here are sad then what does that make you? You who have nothing better to do than write words of complete hatred and disgust?
Nick Griffin seems a saint next to you.

lovelylovelyplumstead said...

oh dear. so sad that nasty posters are soiling this brilliant blog.

Shoel said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed the event LLP! Just wanted to tell everyone that if you like the idea of a first community cafe and arts centre in Plumstead Common, you can now take action and support it by signing the One Day Cafe's petition online. This is about demonstrating local interest and support to potential stakeholders like the Council, so do please show that Plumstead wants this!