Monday, 29 March 2010

The Doctor is on his way

There is some sort of three day Doctor Who event coming our way to the big television screen in General Gordon Square in Woolwich Village. Come and see exclusive Doctor footage and the new Doctor trailer in 3D!!!! Get free Doctor stuff and meet scary monsters.......wooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...... but don't mistake old Magwitch in the market for one.

The event will take place from 1st - 3rd April and sounds like a must-see for fans of the Doctor from 5 to 555.


Plummy Mummy said...

ooooooooooooooooooh I wonder if they will have the Angels there. And on Jonathan Ross, they showed a clip out of episode 6 with vampire women who looked good. Excellent. Mr PM will defo want to go along but not sure monsters are right for the tot!
I was pretty sad to see Tenant go though the swan song went on too long. However, I have lots of time for Steven Moffat,excellent writer on pressgang, jekyll and some of the best episodes of DW. Quite excited!

RightOntheCommon said...

I have just been down there...well I saw the Dr Who bus as I was driving back from North Greenwich and followed it to Woolwich - how delightful I thought, but why Woolwich??!!

I found to my dismay that I had no change on me to park, so we frantically drove round trying to find a) a meter with some time left on it and b) that was free! Finally we found one and I dragged the 3 kids down to the square to find a growing crowd of very excited young adults/children!

There is a very large screen and a small BBC 1 stage. We stood waiting for about ten mins for the Dr to come out of the bus. We were stood in the wrong place for a good view but a local "pap" told us he would be brought down a certain route. So we waited with baited breath, and finally he arrived! YAY!
My eldest said quite loudly, but that's NOT the Dr!!
Got a hurried picture of him running past, the best I could do with a sudden surge of screaming fans!!
And off we went, just in time for my free parking to expire - PHEW, exhausted now! LOL