Saturday, 6 March 2010

Swing in to action

There seems to be a children's playground refurbishment programme happening in the area. About time too.

New fencing around the Slade swing-park and I noticed that the refurb work on the Winn's Common playground is in full swing [phew just about managed to shoe-horn an lame pun in there - ed]. I see that the new equipment being installed is the utterly excellent Kompan range; I find them very inventive and superbly designed. The swing parks in Welling have had the Kompan equipment for quite some time, not that I'm saying Greenwich needs to pull their socks up, but I just prefer to let my children play on interesting rust-free equipment in an environment free of broken glass and dogs. Maybe I'm just picky?

Not sure if the Slade equipment will receive an upgrade or not but I would jolly well hope so.

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PlumBun said...

Is the Slade swing park the one next to the school?
I have tended to pop to the one on Winns Common although not on my own as it's a bit shady down there. What a shame that the paddling pool isn't in use anymore. I understand it used to be a splash pool in the summer and they used to sell icecreams from the little hut. The Winns Common playground is well used but has desperately needed a clean up. Hurrah for some Greenwich cash. I also think it is a shame that the playground with all the wooden structures near towards St Margaret's Grove is only for the over 5's.