Wednesday, 11 August 2010

New book shop

I nearly fell over in Woolwich today. You see, I noticed that a bookshop has opened up in our town centre. Our town centre which is going through a Renaissance; it is quite (im)possibly 'the Westfield of 'Woolwich'.

I digress.


Oh yes. I was so very shocked that I nearly fell backwards and quite inclined to utter the words, "lorks o Lordy my lorgnettes do deceive me". It is such a great thing to have a bookshop. No, it's not quite Hatchards on Piccadilly, but anything to promote reading is a great thing. WH Smith sell books, but I rarely go upstairs as I usually have a pram and it doesn't like stairs. I have thought about bumping the pram up but would prefer not to re-enact the famous scene from Battleship Potemkin, especially in Woolwich.

I will go in to the bookshop and ask if they have a first edition of Tamburlaine.


Anonymous said...

Hello 'Plumsteadshire', I too was flabbergasted at seeing a bookshop in Woolwich! I write however, about the 'countdown to the Make Merry' on your page. I am part of the team that currently organises the event, and am curious as to why you have chosen the Make Merry to count down too ? do you have a personal interest or link with the event ? Regards,

Doctor Pangloss said...

No, I have no personal association with the Make Merry. I'm just a local resident and like to celebrate the good things about our area. The Make Merry is fairly central to the many things I like about the Shire and people need to be reminded of this.

Keep up the great work and may the Make Merry thrive.

Many thanks,