Sunday, 29 August 2010


Driving to Ramsgate, I happened across a sign, 'THANET EARTH'. I just exploded with laughter and envy at the same time. It's a brilliant name and if I were a blogger in Dumpton Gap, I would've been over the moon to have Thanet Earth as my blog name.

I have since searched 'Thanet Earth' on the internet and it seems to be the largest greenhouse ever built since the invention of photosynthesis itself. Wow.

Having arrived at Ramsgate, I managed to park within metre's of Pugin's house; I wanted to pop in but he was out - maybe doing the weekly shop in ASDA¹. Taking an architecture tour wasn't on the agenda so will have to make another visit. I had actually driven to Ramsgate as it was the Summer Squall Arts Festival. I had great plans to take Toddler & Baby Pangloss to a couple of theatre shows, however the weather was quite wonderful, so I decided that we should just muck around on the beach. This was a great idea.

I was very impressed by Ramsgate. It felt small enough so as not feel overwhelmed and the journey was such a quick, easy drive. Minnis Bay is quite near so if I suddenly wanted a really, really quiet time, then not a problem. However, Minnis Bay doesn't have the Pelosi's Ice Cream parlour, or Morelli's which Broadstairs does.

1- Purely artistic license by the author. Pugin may prefer to shop at Waitrose instead.

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The ReV said...

Oooh thanks for letting us know what Thanet earth actually is.
My parents have just moved to Birchington and I keep seeing the sign but had no idea what it was for!