Monday, 5 December 2011

hello again

Now, where did I get up to?

Things change when you've been away. Logging in to Blogger, the whole interface has changed and I can't tell if I'm blogging or looking at my Orange mobile phone bill. This would be lost on you if you don't use Blogger, or own an Orange mobile phone for that matter.

In the broadest possible way, I sort of feel like I've just walked out of prison and civilians are dressed in hip and 'with it' fashions, whilst I scurry in the shadows with my bell bottom Farah's and paisley shirt.

As part of the Blogger interface, I'm offered the option to add an adsense functionality to Plumsteadshire. Tempting to earn tuppence every month, but I do hate visiting a website and being bombarded by advertisements. Inadvertently, I've already advertised a phone provider, but for the sake of balance, there are other providers available.

Now, let's get straight to the point.

This Saturday (10th December 2011), is the great Comedy On The Common Christmas Special. Plumstead Common's very own live comedy night. Acts LIVE in The Shire are Frank Sanazi, Hattie Hayridge, Fredrik Andersson and Dave Whitney.

I don't have my finger on the pulse of popular culture, so I can't tell you a thing about them, but that's what the internet's for.

It's a hot ticket so book right now and remember, if you snooze, you lose.


Anonymous said...

The comedy hut was packed to the rafters and Dave Whitney is a local boy no less and I understand the person who bought comedy to the hut..They are doing the comedy shows again next year towards the end of the month and they are already scheduled in for Jan, Feb and March..

Rossyboy said...

Nick Wallden and his lovely wife Sarah must take the credit for bringing Comedy to the Common. David does a fantastic job of booking excellent acts (mostly).

Saturday (10th) was one of the best so far. You may remember Hattie Haydridge playing Hollie in the comedy Red Dwarf, Fredrick Anderson was a brilliant young swedish comedian and Frank Sinazi rounded of the night with his own special brand of Caberet. David Whitney was also brilliant as the evening's compare!

As a player at Greenwich RFC. Could I politely ask that our teams exploits get a little coverage in your blog? We've ended 2011 without losing a home league match for the whole year. In fact that record now stretches 18 months. The club's growing and so are the events surrounding it.

I do believe for all the plans and events that surround our club, there is a team of players at the heart of everything that happens there.

While we may just be a small hut on the middle of a public common, we're fiercely proud of the shirt we pull on every week and commit our Saturdays and Wednesday evenings (and sometimes a lot more) to what is an absolutely fantastic club.

We're now on Twitter @GreenwichRFC and our website

As always thanks for everyone's continued support on matchdays. Hopefully we'll see a few more of there on Saturday afternoons supporting what is YOU'RE club too.


Doctor Pangloss said...


The comedy is a great asset to The Shire and we should all be thankful to Nick & Sarah for bringing such great live entertainment to our doorstep. It's just such a pity it's taken sooooo long for people to recognise how good it is.

I think there's a feeling of 'if it's in Plumstead, it can't be any good'.

As for rugby, it sounds like you've got an excellent home record and certainly one to be proud of. I'd quite happily give you coverage but the truth is that I wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about.

a) Playing with an egg shaped ball?
b) Throwing it backwards?
c) When is a foul not a foul?

In any case, I have very little time in my life to blog anymore. Got my 5 year plan in front of me and need to make it work. You know how it is.

BTW, your writing is very readable. Why not start a rugby blog?

Rossyboy said...

Thanks for the compliment. I spend more time being told by people (especially the other half) to stop boring them to tears with our Saturday exploits than do being encouraged to tell people more.

I wouldn't want to hijack your blog, but as a "voice", a mention or reference to twitter address or website every now and then, would really help raise the profile of a club that almost disappeared a couple of years back.

New players are the lifeblood of the team so the more people that know about us, the better. Hopefully we'll be able to start fielding a second team again in the near future.

Oh and I wouldn't worry about your lack of knowledge on the rules of rugby shouldn't be too much of a problem. Half our squad just about know enough to get by. Which makes our record even more impressive!

Anyway, 61-0 away win yesterday against Bromley to round off the year 1 point off the top of the table.