Friday, 9 December 2011

Watch your eyes

Friends, Romans, good people o' The Shire. Yesterday evening around 8pm, I noticed a green laser light shining around Plumstead Common.

It could be someone experimenting how they could bend light, or it could be a little herbert who thinks it's fun to annoy passers-by. Either way, a laser light can blind you.

Be careful.

Haven't noticed this before so could be a one off incident.


Plummy Mummy said...

The Aliens are coming, the ALIENS are coming, run for your life!!!!!!
Lucky you aren't in Bonnybrigg which is the UFO capital of Scotland and about 3 miles from here.
But in all seriousness, hope no-one is felled by the green light except the idiot that's shining it.

Transpontine said...

Assuming it wasn't an alien landing, there is also the possibility of a laser sight (used in shooting/hunting). A few weeks ago in a Telegraph Hill park late at night I saw somebody shining a laser on a fox (which was near me) from the other side of the park. I couldn't see the person with the laser, so was probably just kids messing about but did make me wonder whether a shooting nut was trying out their gear - I couldn't work out how they could see the fox from where they were. One explanation would be that they had a telescopic night vision sight with laser (I've checked on sites that sell that kind of stuff and they are readily available). Can't believe they would actually shoot animals in the city at night, as even in SE London gunshots do attract attention! But who knows.