Monday, 27 February 2006


It's been such a long time since I've blogged, I almost forgot how to do it.

Quick one.

On my way down to Plumsteadshire International this morning, I passed a very cranky old bloke. Cranky, yes but he looked surprisingly similar to the Shatmeister Numero Uno, William Shatner.

There's many a time when a spy camera bow-tie pays dividends. I think Bill Shatner is a one off. You know when you walk the same walk at the same time every morning and evening and you see the same people on the same train and they desperately try to sit in the same seat (oh God, give me a razor blade. Fritz Lang got it just right in Metropolis), anyway I regularly see Woody Allen, but have never seen the Shatmeister though. Maybe he was just visiting his grand children, or just been released from Belmarsh?

All for the best......


Anonymous said...

Pangloss any news on the Ship? When I walked past it last night I noticed lights were on and this morning I saw a 'for let pub / restaurant'. I thought whoever was developing it had run out of money as they have left it looking pretty shabby.

Raffles said...

Here's a link to the property firm:

Anonymous said...

Cheers Raffles

Plum said...

I saw a transvestite on 291. What a joy to see colourful, diverse people like that in Plumstead. 51 seems to be getting worse though. Is Mayor Ken to blame for grafitti crazed, junk eating under 16's travelling for free on buses?