Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Plumstead rebranded

Soho has been the centre of creative industries for some years. The big brains of branding have had offices here, as have the film and animation industries. Soho is cool. The name itself is cool. How could we ever forget Soho as a film location in 'Expresso Bongo'? Soho was 'the most'.

Chatting to Matthew, my creative guru. We thought about rebranding certain parts of South East London, I mean there are quite alot of creatives living in the vicinty. So in order to put the South East on the map, we've taken a view on acronyms.

The parish of Forest Hill will be branded as NOBU. That's North of Beckenham. If there were a university in Beckenham, that would be spot on. Thinking about it, what courses would Beckenham Uni have to offer? A great and varied prospectus comes to mind, however that's another blog entry for sure.

Plumsteadshire doesn't seem to come out so well in the wash of branded villages. South of Woolwich doesn't cut it - SOWO. South East of Woolwich - SEWER. How about West of Welling - WEWE?

Never liked the world of branding anyway.

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Mat said...

No relation to this topic but I thought you should know about this blog http://plumstead.blogspot.com/ It is ran by a good friend of mine when he can be bothered to write on it anyway. We both read your blog and Casino Avenue regularly, nice to know we're not along in our mocking (yet with a faint tinge of optimisim) of the south east. See you on the 291!