Thursday, 30 March 2006

Apple 30th Birthday

This Saturday is Apple Computer's 30th birthday.

Yes, it'll be April Fool's Day and yes, PC users can come up with side-splittingly hilarious jibes to go with their penis envy, but we can handle it. We have done for all these years.

A 30th Anniversary will be a good time to release some swanky kit.

How about a video iPod which has an edge to edge touch-screen the full width of the unit? Wouldn't say no.

On the subject of iPods, Apple have released a download for iPod users so they can limit the volume on their players. This no doubt has come about as some users try to sue Apple for deafening them. So much for personal responsibility.

I don't understand this litigious culture. Remember those idiots who tried to sue McDonalds for forcing them to eat food? Remember those idiots who tried to sue tobacco companies for forcing them to smoke their guts out? Remember those idiot parents who blame teachers because their kids run riot?

Well, earth calling ASBO parents. Hello? Anyone home? You're reaping the rewards to your own doing.

If there's a campaign for common sense, then I'll sign up.

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