Monday, 6 March 2006

Museums around Greenwich

At the weekend, in between reporting on the Mystery Man of Plumstead for Reuters, road testing a Segway and watching Capote in time to cast my vote for the Academy, I managed to have some R&R (whatever that means).

After ten years of living around these parts, I finally visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park. It is a really good little museum. In fact, the museum layout is rather like a Tardis. There's alot more to see than you'd imagine.

I found the museum very well layed out, very educational and entertaining at the same time - edutainment. A bit like the amazing view across London from the top of the hill, the museum is a place that makes you feel very proud to live in Greenwich. The displays are catered towards children and it's a veritable audio visual feast. And it's free entry. You can't say fairer than that. So get out next weekend and pay a visit.

Also on my hit-list are:-
The National Maritime Museum
The Firepower Museum.
Been before a year ago. Really like it, so must go again as I feel it needs support.
The William Morris Red House.
Been over a year ago. Very exciting to see over the next few years what original decoration might be uncovered under the layers of white emulsion.
Eltham Palace. I like a bit of Art Deco and can't believe I haven't been yet.
The Crossness Engines. This serious piece of Victorian engineering is in Thamesmead!!!! And that's no crap.

Oh my days. All this on our own doorstep and skids of today moan about nuffink to do. USE YOUR IMAGINATION DUDES.


Plum said...

Greenwich is not a touristic area for no reason. I was quite impressed by the Maritime Museum. Observatory is great too. I heard that they are adding a modern extension to it. There's also a fan museum in Greenwich.

Also in the area are:
Sevendroog castle > It's worth a visit. I went to see it during last year's London Open House Weekend and the queue was enormous. Good views from top.
Lubetkin House > Sitting few streets down the road from me is this set of 4 houses designed by Berthold Lubetkin. I wanted to see it during last year's Open House weekend but missed it. What an architectural gem.

Firepower Museum and Greenwich Heritage Centre (both in the new Arsenal development) are next on my "to see" list.

Anji Petersen said...

Thanks for the plug of Severndroog Plum. It will be open again during London Open House (normally the 3rd week in September). Check out our web log for more info and pictures.

Anonymous said...

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