Friday, 31 March 2006

Fat Terry Henry

I had to endure the rail system today. The one good thing about this is that I can play spot the look-a-like or spot the amazingly ugly person who's trying to mask their misfortune with a whacky hair do.

Both wholesome family games for everyone from 7 to 70. Available from all good chavvy conurbations.

Today's spot was a fat Thierry Henry at London Bridge Station, platform 6. If this fellow wasn't big boned, he may have a healthy career opening fetes and French car dealerships. Maybe he could come to Plumstead Common and shift a few ILLEGALLY SOLD CARS!!!!! There are enough here to warrant being called a dealership. Why is it so difficult to prosecute these greasy soap (and tax) dodgers?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Because it IS a dealership - it's called Kings Highway Garage!!! The cars are their part-ex cars that are too crap for their forecourt.