Thursday, 11 May 2006

Cleaning up the streets of Plumsteadshire

Hurrah for the local constabulary.

They've come and cleared the pikey illegally sold cars from Plumstead Common today. It is a breathe of fresh air and for once, I feel that my council tax has been put to good use.

Now let's see how many hours it takes for that greasy gang to bring their junk back to the Common (look at this picture. Is that a flying pig in the sky? No, there really are NO dodgy cars).

I've spoken with neighbours about these greasy tax dodgers who sell their cars and we're all totally fed up with it.

1) Fed up with their presence across the Common. They leer at the good people of the parish as if they owned the place. Pay some f***ing tax and you might say that you own a few blades of grass.

2) Fed up with the dodgy cars and vans that slow down and even STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD to look at the latest deals (see picture below. The wheels on that jeep aren't turning. It's evening rush hour and yes, he's double parked so he can get out and look at some dodgy motors).

3) Fed up with the traffic tail-backs caused by the above.

4) Fed up with revving engines at all hours of the day, even Sunday morning. These greasy pigs clearly aren't of Christian faith.

5) Fed up with the clapped out dodgy goods taking up ALL the parking space so residents have to park elsewhere.

6) Fed up of dodgy greasy scumbags making a buck on the black market without contributing to this community.

7) Fed up with the council and the authorities doing little about the scourge of black market illegal trading. I know all that about lack of resources blah blah blah. I pay well over a thousand pounds in council tax a year and aside from getting my bins emptied, I'd like a little more for my hard earned cash.

These cars are probably low priority for Greenwich Council, trading standards and the Met Police, but does that mean we should be forgotten about because these things don't win votes?

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