Thursday, 25 May 2006

mobile phone addiction

Bird flu is so last month.

I just don't understand the modern disease of addictive compulsive mobile phoning.

Are people so interesting now that they have to share their musings whenever they're not eating, shopping or sleeping? Come to think of it, eating and talking isn't so rare.

I don't mind people chatting on their cells on the train. It can be quite amusing to listen in to their conversations. On one morning commute in to London, a woman was having a blazing row and using very colourful language; I actually felt embarassed for her.

Driving and using a cell is clearly not a good mix, especially for bus drivers. Seen that lots of times.

This morning, a woman was out to prove that females can multi-task. Driving a car, talking on a phone, and eating AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe add 'kill a cyclist' to that list to make yourself the ultimate multi-tasker, dear.

Recently, I went to Brussels. Something I noticed was that people have the ability to walk along a street (or drive), without the need to use a mobile phone.

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