Friday, 23 February 2007

New kid on the block

There's a new discussion forum website for Plumstead Common. It's new, it's exciting and here.

Good luck with the site. It's just what the people of Plumstead Common are looking for.

Just a little note though. With regards recommending builders, plumbers, candle-stick makers etc, you should post up a disclaimer as this is easily open to abuse as any bodge-it-n-scarper could recommend their own 'skills' on your site. This is one reason I've held back from having a recommended trades page.

Pangloss looks forward to your contributions to building on the Plumstead Common community.


Anonymous said...

Off thread - but....

I'm sick of the state of the streets around shit, spit, rubbish etc. The way they tarmaced the roads etc. Walk from the common to the station and it rapidly gets worse.

Ablairs treat Ennis road as though it's part of their yard. Dodge the forklift as you pass by.

The majority of people round here are chavs and drink 'tinned' lager.

I want to live in greenwich and the sooner I get enough money I'll be moving.

Oh and the ship? It's a shit hole -the owner hasn't a clue.


The Plumster said...

If you don't like the state of the streets, do something about it. At the very least phone Cleansweep. They are very helpful and responsive.

Ablair is a very good local business. The nature of what they do means they will disrupt traffic in Ennis and PC Roads from time to time. So what?

I drink lager. Sometimes from a tin. Again so what? You're obviously very intelligent and articulate. Could you please explain to me the origins of the word chav, and exactly waht it means?

I want you to live in Greenwich as well. Let me know if you need any help looking for a stone to reside under.

Haven't been in The Ship yet. Reluctantly I'll have to take your word for it.

Have a nice week-end

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paul said...

you stuck up muppet. I have lived around here for most of my life i'm no chav i find the people fine, of course your get the odd idiot but thats the same anywhere. Hope you enjoy yourself in greenwich all it is there is a couple of ponced up flats surrounded by s*** hole council estates. Hope one of the natives gives you a nice welcome when your walking down the alleyway to you overpriced sqat.......