Tuesday, 20 November 2007

15 million details - LOST

So there's a computer disc lost out in the big bad world with millions upon millions of our important personal details.

Total imbeciles or just a simple mistake? Whatever it is, I'm seething. I'm the incredible hulk on steroids, I'm so fired up, I'll put Tyson down in one blow.

This is information security at a pretty low level.

Here's something to bring my blood pressure back down below 600.

Pop quiz.

The disc in question is password protected. What could this password be?


I welcome suggestions from lovely listeners.


Planet Plumstead said...

Dear Dr Pangloss. Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened a package thinking it would be my new virus software only to find it was instead two disks containing data for thousands of names, addresses and NI numbers. I'm now looking forward to receiving the 41 laptops stolen from the DSS. Sibonetic, has promised to collect them next time he's down at Woolwich Post Office. (Thanks Alastair, Darling.)

RightOnTheCommon said...

I can't quite believe in this day and age, that standard encryption is not used in all internal/external data movement, whether its on CD, DVD or FTP. Especially anything to do with the Gov...

Someones going to have a great time spending this christmas...

Planet Plumstead said...

Neither can I, especially since the Gov make sure a fuss about the Data Protection Act and are ready nail the public/charities/businesses etc about it at every possible opportunity. Seems it doesn't apply to them.

RightOnTheCommon said...

So, imagine my delight when I got a personal letter apologising as our details are included in the lost data - I'm so bleeping annoyed, not that I think someone can take any money from the account, but the fact tht "they" have my childrens names and address's.

And I feel so reassured now I have been apologised to...NOT.