Saturday, 17 November 2007

Nice painting

One of my favourite pieces of art in the Shire is this early work from an anonymous student of Oskar Kokoschka. One can tell from the sombre style that our own local artist spent many dog days in the Dresden Kunst Academy.

Poor fellow.

The distant figure with his head buried in the ground symbolises the despair and total angst suffered by local folk whilst queuing for bread and water at the Co-Op.

The artist has cleverly framed this little known masterpiece of social commentary by working with Piet Mondrian. As can be seen in this photograph, the Mondrian style is alive and kicking (no pun intended), at the martial arts club in Plumsteadshire.


Planet Plumstead said...

How I love the Taikwondo Centre. A real Yellow Peril if ever there was one. It used to be a car showroom, which probably now accounts for all the dodgy cars for sale on the Common.

t said...

It might not be the prettiest building in plumstead but its a real asset to the area. Go in there and have a chat with master eldon and you'll see some of the great stuff that they teach.

The cars annoy the hell out of me though, if only the local asbos could be persuaded to do a bit of 'work'...

Planet Plumstead said...

Totally agree with you about it being an asset. I just wish it was aesthetically more in keeping with the conservation area it's located in. It would be great if the exterior corresponded more with the good work that goes on in the interior. They're probably short of funds but would it be too much just to lose the yellow and get some better signage?