Friday, 23 November 2007

Load of old rubbish

Over the past week or so, I've noticed a skip in the middle of Old Mill Road on Plumstead Common. I don't know who put it there, but it's unsightly and a haven for rats et al.

Today, the skip has gone but the rubbish remains. How nice is that? Was the skip a not very secret hiding place for the drug dealers to stash their wares? Was the skip removal some kind of magic trick? Kind of like the way you tug a table cloth really quickly and the plates, salt & pepper pots and other dining paraphernalia stay in place.

A quick phone call to Cleansweep is in order.


RightOnTheCommon said...

Yes, unfortunatley this has been my view for the past week or so. I hadn't even noticed that they had taken the skip away! It was turning into a right free for all - which happens if you have a skip outside your house, so imagine the delight on the fly-tippers faces that a skip was on the common!

Pretty shoddy that all of the rubbish wasn't taken away, but then it would have been too over filled for the driver to take, me thinks.

Would Cleansweep take it?

Erik Fuller said...

Comment about the trick was funny - saw this on Tuesday night coming back from the Star. So it's still there? Pretty poor if you ask me.

PT said...

Any ideas about what happened on Saturday 8th in Old Mill Road? There's a yellow police board mentioning a shooting at 7pm!!!

RightOnTheCommon said...

Well I didn't hear a thing, but then I do have 2 young children going to bed around that time and they could drown out anything when they're in noisy mode!

I did witness a VERY dodgy deal today though whilst parking my car, scared me a little because the "dealer" clocked me as I was looking over my shoulder for traffice whilst reversing - he put his hood up and sped off on his mountain bike...I may be completly wrong but it looked very suspicious!