Sunday, 30 March 2008

Comedy On The Common

This evening, I went to the second Comedy On The Common event and can say that it was utterly brilliant.

The rugby pavilion lacks Puginesque charm, but accommodates around 100 and I thought this is a really nice size for stand-up. Actually, I can envisage this venue for jazz gigs and other similar intimate entertainments - note to venue manager.

The M.C. was hilarious, as were the three acts. There wasn't any low point in terms of the comedy and for seven English pounds, it was fantastic value for money.

The bar keeps a limited choice of refreshment, but that's not a problem. This is my only criticism and I really am struggling to look for a negative as I know that I've come for comedy, not a wine tasting session.

The Comedy On The Common will be a monthly event and the organisers have really got it right. The only danger I see is if/when the event gets too popular and I'm unable to get a ticket. This is a great local evening out and the good folk of The Shire should be proud of it.

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Anonymous said...

I was there too, and totally agree. Brilliant night out for £7, and right on our doorstep. Well done Greenwich RFC and see you on the 27th April. No pushing at the back of the queue now!!!!

ben said...

An absolutely superb night. 5 minutes from my gaff and 4 great comedians this is exactly what we have been asking for.

This is what alternative comedy is about. I'm looking forward to the next night on the 27th april. If only other establishments in the area had the balls to put on such a night or take a gamble - they are obviously taking a loss at the moment but I'm sure it will pay off. Please show Greenwich RFC some support, you really will not be disappointed.

Vic- perhaps you should go, might cheer you up a liitle.

Q.What do you call an aardvark that's lost a fight?
A. A Vark.

Boom Boom.

nicholas said...

Thanks for your kind words about the comedy and glad you all enjoyed it.
We would consider other entertainment Jazz etc please contact us at the comedy on the common email .

Anonymous said...

wow what a nite it was cant wait to see you again at the comedy club good luck from Elizabeth and john

Johns said...

What a great night of comedy will be there again 27th April with the wife this time congratulations to Nick of Greenwich rfc for an evening of great entertainment