Thursday, 20 March 2008

A couple of quickies

1) The next comedy night at the Plumstead Common rugby pavilion (Plumsteadshire's entry for next year's Stirling architecture prize), is at 7:00pm on Sunday 30th March 2008AD. I don't know who's on the line up, but it's an entertaining local night out which doesn't involve a bag and a bottle of Tippex, so that can't be bad eh?

Email for more info.

2) Speaking of Tippex and bag, as one lovely listener pointed out, we can look forward to more tasteless tat from the man who brought us The Ship. You may have seen the no expense spared poster in the window of The Ship proclaiming 'Ship II Opening Soon'. I can barely hold myself back. Where oh where can I go for more glaring blue neon, bouncers on doors as if Busta is expecting Brad and Angelina to pop in for a swift half, and an environment so out of touch with the conservation area that is Plumstead Common?

3) My man in Havana informs me that a reporter from a local newspaper could be writing a little piece on the continuing sale of cars on The Common. This could also involve a photoshoot. If any lovely listeners are interested in being in the shoot, then speak up now. Click on 'comments' and say if you're in. Remember, many hands make light work, or something like that.

4) Every time I visit the shops at The Slade, I look at the Wittgenstein's Grocers signage and think of how beautiful that parade of shops could be. The butcher's signage is also a commendably classy number. Wouldn't it be great if Greenwich Council would fund a scheme for these shops to improve and unify their facades? Gorgeous painted signs for all.

5) And wouldn't it be great if Greenwich Council would fund a scheme to improve the children's play area adjacent to the Slade shops? The fencing and rides do look like they've been stolen from a Kazakh municipal park.

6) The general public seem to be very quiet and well behaved considering the cost of petrol & diesel is rising by the week. It wasn't long ago when I remember paying 75p per litre of unleaded. How high does it need to be before the motorist is going to take action? £1.50 per litre? £2.00?


Anonymous said...


You write a blog, you're not presenting a 'prime-time' show on radio 1 mate!

Anonymous said...

but Dr Pangloss should be. We love him. And I am a lovaly "listener"!

Anonymous said...

oops. that was loyal. but some might say I am also lovely! (-:

Anonymous said...

What else do you want 'the Council' to pay for? Get a grip!

I want the Council to spend money on key areas where they have a legal duty and responsibilities. If shop owners need new signage for their store front, then they should fund it themselves.

Greenwich, like most other Councils, struggles to provide its existing services within the financial constraints placed upon it.

Maybe Council Tax should increase 50p a week to fund your shop front idea? Maybe Greenwich should cut a few services, nothing major, just meals on wheels or refuse collections?

You have previously criticised Council services through your blog and yet here you are now suggesting funding be redirected away from essential services for private shop owners to have pretty painted signs.

I want Greenwich to spend my money as effectively as possible, I want key services to be available to those people who need them, when they need them and I don’t want a single penny of Council Tax or Government funding spent on a private concern!

If you want to see the signage improved in this tiny parade of shops, feel free to stick your hand in your pocket and fund it yourself; just keep your hands away from my pockets!

Doctor Pangloss said...

Oh. Did I suggest 'funding be redirected away from essential services'? Do kindly get your facts right before ranting at me.

I absolutely agree with you that essential services need to be put first, but don't be so naive as to think that the Council spend our money well.

Did I suggest our council spend money on a box at the O2?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone here would make use of the streetcar service. I have called them to get a car on the common but havn't seen or heard anything.

I think if other people made a request for a streecar on the common it might happen.

Anonymous said...

there is a streetcar at woolwich arsenal i think. i'd like one up here, and would definitely use it.