Monday, 14 July 2008

Cafe in the community

This isn't a typing error. Given that the letters F and R sit next to each other on the keyboard, this could've been about a care in the community.

Hundreds of thousands of you Plumsteadshireans have expressed interest in a need for a good café or gastro pub in Plumstead Common. Here are a couple from the postbag:-

'Whilst out walking my dog, I like nothing more than a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. Plumstead Common would benefit greatly from a Betty's Tea Shop'
Sylvia Plaff, Tuam Road

'It's been a hard day's night and I've been working like a dog, but it would be great to have a few choice beers with my friends in a really nice bar overlooking the common.'
J Lemmon, Macoma Terr.

'At the end of the day, when all's said and done, Plumstead Common would be great with a nice café which would form the heart of this great community.'
Richard Head

And it goes on.

At all times, the Common seems well used. There are certainly many, many parents and child minders at home during the daytime. They visit toddler groups in the mornings then have to endure the abysmal excuse for a play park at The Slade.

Plumstead Common needs a central meeting place. The Ship could easily have been that centre, but I feel it has missed an enormous opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I see that there are a couple of the shops on the Common under offer. Are any of these showing potential to turn into a cafe. It really is such a shame that there is nothing more local. It would certainly be well attended during the day and evening and at weekends.

Anonymous said...

Hello :0) I heard that the Woodman Pub on the Slade is going to be sold to the Evangelical Church and turned into a cafe. Hope it's true! It is such a nice pub inside, if they could tidy up the seating area outside and and sell coffee and cake, I reckon it'll be a winner.
Over by the Windmill pub ( next to the newsagents) there is a new little 'party shop' selling cards and balloons for kids birthdays. It's nice to see that someone is making an effort to open something other than a 'giro supermarket' or a betting shop!

Doctor Pangloss said...

Now this is interesting as I've heard that the church want to move to larger premises. Expanding their existing premises is the same but different.

This is definitely worth keeping tabs on.

Thanks anon.

Lobster said...

As for nice bars, don't forget the Old Mill is an outstandingly good pub with loads of top notch beers and excellent staff. No I'm not the landlord! But he's a very nice man nevertheless and keeps a fine pub.

Anonymous said...

...but can we get the Old Mill done up a bit? what do you think about writing to the landlords as I know the manager can't do much....
If i got the address and we all wrote to them asking for a refurb?

Anonymous said...

definitely! the old mill is great! but it really does need some TLC. i bet they'd qualify for a grant for part of a reburb given it's in a conservation area.