Saturday, 26 July 2008

comedy on the common

Gadzooks, it's comedy time again. Tomorrow night at the rugby club tea house. That's Sunday 27th July at 7pm.

The comedians are :-

Ian Cognito
Lloyd Langford
Danny Davies
Caroline Maberly


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this show though there was a little contratemps with Ian Cognito who seemed to be a little worse for wear(alcohol wise). Or maybe part of the act, dunno. BUT attendance was very low & I spoke to one organiser who said sometimes it makes a loss(must have done this time) This is a major asset for Plumstead Common and it deserves our support.

Anonymous said...

it didn't help they wiped the announcement from the board the week or so before it was on. we were all set to go, but didn't since we thought it had been cancelled. They should help themselves by doing some better advertising! Maybe even put leaflets through doors of the local streets, or a notice coop or something.

marc said...

let me know when the next comedy night is. Would be good to take you both.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

i was also going to go but thought it had been cancelled....better promotion next time..
when is the next one??

nicholas said...

next comedy on the common is on the sunday 28th September and is the last sunday in each month any queries or dates wanted please contact us on
thanks Nicholas

Nicholas said...

comedy on the comon 28th of September acts are Felix Dexter,Susan Murray ,Nick Stanley ,and kevin Shepard doors .Check them out on www open 7pm acts 8.15
Contact us on
07860 609796

Anonymous said...

comedy is back again on the 26th of october
Acts are Regnald D Hunter,Matt Welcome,Helen Army,Rich Wilson check them out on
Cotact us on or 07860 609796
Doors open 7pm acts 8.15
later dates are sat 15th November Sun 30 Novemeber and satuday 13 December