Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Plumstead café

My spies tell me that Plumstead Common is getting a new café, but don't rush out with your order of Orange Mocha Frappuccino just yet.

Abalone hasn't turned into zabaglione; it's turning into an internet café. The internal fit-out looks very standard low-cost, pack 'em in, sell 'em cheap internet café, but at least someone is utilising the shop space.


Anonymous said...

Do none of the shopkeepers in Plumstead realise the benefit of opening somewhere decent and with a potentially different user group? The amount I spend on food and drink I could probably re-generate the common...

Anonymous said...

Well i would no doubt spend considerably mor than you so i could probably regenerate Plumstead

Anonymous said...

and me... i, with others, would go along to spend hard-earned, young professional, cash at a local cafe serving quality food and drink. bring it on restaurateurs out there, help us to help you regenerate plumstead common!

Anonymous said...

well that's 4 of us then that seem to like our food and drink. Perhaps we can pop down to Tony's and persuade him that he could retire to the coast somewher sunny if he sorted out his gaff!

Anonymous said...

indeed. and i'd bring myself, partner and friends.

Anonymous said...

Woah just hang on a minute leave Tony,s alone its a real old proper cafe, dont get me wrong id love a nice fancy cafe/winebar but you still need your old cooked breakfasts for hangover days and lazy days, i go in there every now and then, ok 6 days a week its great
give it a go everyone
you never know if enough of us ask he might start doing a focaccia bacon and egg roll

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Tony's. I agree it's good for a fry up when you can't be arsed on a weekend to cook breakfast (at work in the week). But it closes at 3pm so think of what it could do in the evening. He could make a mint, I just don't understand why no-one has tried anything. Perhaps the shop/pub owners don't blog! perhaps Dr Pangloss you can print and post to the shopkeepers of the common!

Plum said...

Would love to see a nice cafe in Plumstead. We drive to Blackheath or Greenwich for a stroll in the parks followed by a sit down, a cuppa and a piece of cake. I'd be delighted to support a local business in Plumsteadshire instead :0)

Anonymous said...

Re supporting local initiative - Comedy on the Common 28th September

Sunday, 28th September
At The Pavilion,
Old Mill Road,
Plumstead SE18 1QG
Opposite The Old Mill Pub,
Plumstead Manor School.

An evening of alternative comedy
With top acts
Doors open 7pm.
Tickets £7 pay on entry
Licensed bar
Acts are as follows
Felix Dexter, Susan Murray,
Nick Stanley And Kevin Shepard
Check them out on
For more details
Phone Nick on
07860 609796

Kirsty said...

I have just discovered this site after googling 'business premises to rent in Plumstead'. Sadly I don't really have any money to invest but have been daydreaming about running that cafe.
Anyway, I have just noticed there is a craft/drumming/jazz trio event at St Mark's on Saturday (27th), so someone is trying to gather the (presumably arty) community. Sadly it was just a notice in the chemists, so word will be getting round slowly. I certainly hope to go, so maybe I'll see some of you there (maybe wearing badges marked 'anonymous'? I shall hum some Bernstein and see if Dr Pangloss is revealled to me!)