Friday, 25 June 2010

Charlton House Spa

Most of us lead busy & exhausting lives. It's a hard slog at work and hellish commuting conditions to get back home. So, what better way to wind down than treat yourself to a spa day?

The tranquil setting of The Charlton House Spa offers a hydrotherapy pool, a crystal steam room and other fancy shmancy spa experiences. Back massages and manicures are also on offer.

It all sounds too good to be true. It's true, but this is Charlton House in Somerset.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you may wish to forward the link and your comments to Friends of Charlton House who are trying to attract more uses of Charlton House (in addition to Greenwich subletting major parts to a School of English!

Anonymous said...

Outdoor Amber Nectar Therapy on Plumstead Common would be more appropriate than have to visit Somerset or indeed Charlton!!!!

Truely, is it not on Hot Days like these that we locals about Plumstead Common would be delighted to be able to visit The Ship and take a Pint siting on its forecourt overlooking the common.........smokers too could also sit without having to stand and congregate on the Ship's wasted forecourt, ostracised by their habit. The Woodman Closed, Prince Albert Closed.......nowhere on the Common to have a drink externally with a decent view...No wonder people dart off to Blackheath Peckham Rype, Clapham, Dulwich and Wimbledon for a summer drink. Oh I forgot Greenwich Village how remise of me.
The Ship's Management is excellent to control any unruliness....Please Please Councillors and Local Residents, support and encourage the Ship to place Tables, Canopies and Flower Boxes and the like, to enhance the Common and its now non-derelict asset. The Music and TV's are within the Building.

Would'nt it also be great to get off the bus in the evening on the way home and arrange to meet people for a drink and sip it whilst looking over the Common.!!!