Sunday, 20 June 2010

Manga Flats

I see that the new high-rise block of flats being built next to Plumstead Railway Station is called Akira Heights.

What were the marketing department thinking of when choosing this name? The name Akira is fine although I don't see the link between a Japanese name and our corner of South East London. What I absolutely don't understand is that the Akira Heights branding is linked to the cult Japanese manga animation, Akira. I saw this film quite a few years ago and can remember it being about a motorcycle gang riding at high speed around a kind of post-nuclear war torn Tokyo, explosions and all set to a techno punk soundtrack. Call me old-fashioned, but not what I call aspirational living.


Plummy Mummy said...

ISTR from our search for tot's name that it's also a Scottish girl's name. Having said that, I like the idea of Manga in Plumstead.
The flats have a very posh reception area...totally in keeping with Plumstead.

Anonymous said...

lets hope they get filled up quicker than that hideous orange block of flats near the Woolwich Ferry. They look like quite new flats but i cant see any information about being able to buy them outright, they look like affordable living to me, which I am all for but not an entire block of flats full of people with no cash! They should be mixed occupancy, right by the station it might bring some new commuter blood to Plumstead, another driving force behind trying to make the local area improved on the entertainment front.