Thursday, 7 April 2011


The recycling centre opposite the Co Op on Plumstead Common Road has been removed. This is a great shame as I was a regular with my juice cartons. They seemed well used so apart from misuse¹, I'm not sure why this facility been taken away. The notice up on the lamp post informs us that the nearest recycling centre is at Sainsburys in Woolwich. That's a long way to walk with a couple of bags of rubbish.

1 - I refer to misuse as :-
  • dumping all sorts of junk around the bins rather than in them
  • people ransacking bins (usually the clothes or electrical bins)


hilly said...

i take it that means the tetrapak recycling is gone. considering the ubiquity of the damn things it's shame they are so hard to use in a sutainable way. someone told me a while ago that mr tetra is one of the richest people on the island, if so why hasn't he applied himself to basic recycling... there was a brilliant episode of room 101 where peter cook successfully banished them, i only wish that life reflected art in that case.

Dimps said...

There is an explanation in the PCEG February Newsletter:

Anonymous said...

Newsletter says:

"It is therefore proposed to completely remove the Bring Site from Plumstead Common by the end
of March. The land will be brought back to general parks usage. This will be publicised locally"

Err, clearly not... what publicity locally?

Notice clothes recycling now in the co-op car park, be great if they could add tetrapak and batteries there too..

Justina F. Lee said...

plumstead, a very cute name

Anonymous said...

Dump them on the forecourt of The Ship alongside the Jumbo bags of sand they sell with their pints !!