Friday, 1 April 2011

This is no April Fool

Plumsteadshire - the blog that opened the flood gates on TENNISGATE!!!!

You first heard it here folks, Greenwich Council are introducing a charge for us to play tennis at the Plumstead Common tennis courts. And news has hit the local headlines as this story has made front page news in The Greenwich Mercury. Hard-hitting reporter, Mandy Little managed to out-bid News International and Reuters to secure exclusivity for this story.

The good people of The Shire are not happy at all. The burghers of Ennis Road have demanded to be renamed Tennis Road in support of our courts. One teenager was heard shouting "balls" whilst dragging his knuckles past the Co Op, clearly a rallying cry of despair at the Council's decision. A man in a wig ran out of Woolwich Crown Court muttering 'see you in court', obviously heading for a game of tennis up the hill.

There has been talk of holding a 'play-in' at the courts, which sounds like a great idea, so let's do it; will the Co Op supply some orange squash? Also, lovely listener, Marvin is making a stand with a petition. Email him right now at

Sir Cliff jumps off the 53 for a game of singles at Plumstead Common


Please Visit Me said...

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Doctor Pangloss said...

Looks like Cliff Richard really does exist.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with the tennis courts was that there were two or three individuals using them three or four times a week to give private lessons, they would occupy two and sometimes three courts charging up to £12 p/h , and they would use them for several hours at a time, some of the local users complained about it and this was the councils response. In other boroughs a local tennis coach can lease the courts from the council and decide themselves what profit they need to make, they then become responsible for collecting money and organising lessons and so forth, I do think it hasn't really been thought about that well but in the same breath they needed managing properly trust Greenwich Council to make a mess of it