Sunday, 17 July 2011

Eat more veg.

I had a particularly brilliant Friday; I was introduced to a mobile grocer. He drives around The Shire selling organic fruit and vegetables from his van. I love to support local businesses, but the grocer was simply the most charming down to earth person you could meet. Quality of service was most notable. Now that's something we don't get enough of these days.

I don't actually know where his regular stops are, so it's a bit like pinning a tail on the donkey.

I bought quite a few bits and pieces including the most delicious juicy plums known to humankind. There is a downside. I bought a bottle of pear juice and the rest of the family quaffed it before I could get a taster. What's the World coming to? You slog your guts out to earn an honest penny etcetera....

I'd love to give more details, but this is as much as I know at the moment.

I'll have to tell you about another high quality van-based food seller, but it'll have to wait for another time. Have you heard of The German Baker?


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the Very Green Grocer? He comes to our road to, and comes when you ask him too. He's lovely and sells fantastic stuff. And how brilliant to have a grocer come to your house and you get lovely warm jovial chat with him as well.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Yes, thank you lovely listener. The Very Green Grocer.

Plummy Mummy said...

Oh gawd you just reminded me...I asked him to source some local honey which he has done. Must get to his van soon.
Here's his webby details in case you need them. He's just off shooters hill.

PlumBun said...

Yes I think he lives in Shooters Hill does he not.
Also the German Baker. Is that the one that has a shop/stall in Charlton which I think is a Saturday morning?? He also has one somewhere else nowhere near South East London?

Doctor Pangloss said...

The German Baker is a very gentle gentleman and is so softly spoken. He just lets the bread sell itself. I think there are a couple of vans driving around as they travel as far as Oxford.

He stops in Wellington Gardens in Charlton early on Saturday mornings and well worth the trip.

VictoriaPoggins said...

I am a very happy weekly customer of Mike The Very Green Grocer. I always look forward to seeing what seasonal selection he has on board to inspire ideas to cook! Today I have the most marvelous cherry plums picked from Woodlands Farm - they both look & taste exquisite.

I've asked Mike if he could organise a "get together" for his customers - he says he has so many nice & interesting ones & I'd like to meet these folk in Shooters Hill!

Algernon said...

Your readers might be interested to know about Blackheath Farmers’ Market.
Last week I bought two farmers and a shepherd and made a lovely carpaccio of agricultural workers.


Plumstead Cannibal Society

Felicity said...

Victoria - I'd be cautious about eating something grown so near to Shooters Hill Road. The road is heavily used by diesel lorries. The fumes from these lorries contain nanoparticles which will not just be on the surface of plants grown nearby but also within the plants’ tissues.

At the very least wash them thoroughly.