Sunday, 17 July 2011

The height of Summer

The weather is fright'ning,
the thunder and lightning,
seem to be having their way,
but as far as I'm concerned,
it's a lovely day.


Justina F. Lee said...

short and sweet

Captain Calvert said...

i am a clone
i am not alone
every fibre of my flesh
and bone
is identical to ther others'
everything i say
is in the same tone
as my test-tube brothers'
there is no choice
between us
if you had ever seen us
you'd rejoice
in your uniqueness
and consider every weakness
something special
of your own
being a clone
i have no flaws to identify
even this doggerel
that pours from my pen
has just been written by
another twenty
telepathic men
it says:
o for the wings
of any bird
other than a battery hen.

eats, shoots and leaves said...

Oh dear, this awful doggerel and grammar. Symptomatic of our age I’m afraid. Look at this for example:

Founder X X, pursued his life-long love of Interiors and Architecture after a career in the Publishing Industry [none of these words should be capitalised], bringing his skills in business and event management to his new career. Retraining at KLC School of Design, where he graduated with Honours [again, no caps please]. The skills formulised my experiences and taught me new ways of looking at Interiors. [again, no caps and why the switch from third to first person?]

Based in SE London, X X offers a combination of strong dynamic design and creative skills, combined with strong business experience, ensuring your project is delivered on time and to budget. Our aim is to ensure peerless project co-ordination and exceeding your expectations in design, innovation and level of service.

An interior design practice which understands the positive effects that a stimulating and carefully designed space has on it's [there should be no apostrophe here, it’s is an abbreviation of it is, after all you wouldn’t write hi’s] occupants wether [whether] residential or commercial. By being sensitive not only to the fabric of the building as well as it's [see earlier] interior dimensions and flow, we focus on the creation of sustainable and long term design solutions by working closely with our clients and discussing there needs in detail. Intelligently sourced materials and finishes play and important role in making this a reality. [this last sentence makes absolutely no sense]

All at 182 Merevale

Candide said...

Whoops, missed one. 'There' in the penultimate sentence should be 'their'.

Doctor Pangloss said...

Well spotted Candide.

Or should there be a comma?

Well spotted, Candide.

Jasper said...

There really is a shocking ignorance of grammar and punctuation even amongst supposedly educated people. Thank you poster for pointing that out. What an appallingly written piece that you quote from. Tut, tut.

Lizzy said...

eats, shoots and leaves – you missed another one.

The ‘and’ in this sentence is redundant, rendering it nonsensical.

"Our aim is to ensure peerless project co-ordination and exceeding your expectations in design, innovation and level of service."

Replacing the ‘and’ with a semi-colon would work.

Alternatively the whole sentence could be reconstructed as below.

Our aims are to ensure peerless project co-ordination and to exceed your expectations in design, innovation and the level of service.

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_BabyGurl_ said...

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