Monday, 20 November 2006


Firstly, apologies for not making it to yesterday's Bustagate meeting. I've been flu-stricken and been drinking enough Lemsip to make their shares rocket.

Secondly, who did attend the meeting? Did Mr Rhymes turn up in a bad disguise? Was there a lonely person sitting in the corner of the pub wearing a trenchcoat & comedy moustache? Maybe holding up a newspaper with two big eye holes cut out?

If anyone can shine some light on the situation, I'd be interested to know.


Anonymous said...

It was only 7 of us at the meeting, including 'weloveplumstead'. Some headway was made in terms of thinking through tactics, organising letter writing, appointing people to gather info and get in touch with various local contacts and officials.

This discussion was continued later at the PCEG meeting, which allowed for volunteers to be appointed for leafleting, letter writing, petitioning, etc.

Anyone out there that can help with photocopying facilities would be very much appreciated! We have not budget, and little in the way of resources. So help will be very warmly welcomed.

I don't think anyone was lurking or spying. The pub was full of the usual locals, drinking, smoking, playing pool etc. I suspect busta and his crew had better things to do with their sunday.

Dimps said...

This afternoon, I spotted a smartly-dressed Asian-looking man sporting a mohican haircut(!!) being shown the work in progress at The Ship. Could this be Busta Patel? If only the batteries in my digital camera hadn't gone flat. Bah!

The Headless 291 Driver said...

I noticed the pink Greenwich Meantime van was parked outside the Who 'Da Thought It again on Sunday. Interesting, no? If there is something you want printing/photocopying and you can get it to me this week I'll happily abuse the facilities at work for the cause (it's ok I work in IT, I'm allowed!), I only say this week as I'm on the late shift so it's easier but I'll do what I can whenever you have something. You can mail me on

Anonymous said...

"Could this be Busta Patel?"

One way to tell is that he’s got a birth mark on the side of his face, the size of a ten pence piece……if you see him, just shout out "Petal", if he looks, then it’s him.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt come to the meeting either as I had guests this weekend and didn't want to introduce them to The Star so went to Blackheath for fact I don't have any free weekends between now and Chrimbo but am happy to meet fellow Plumstead types in the evening and help out.

The Plumster said...

Ship Update....As of about 10-45 this morning, it appears work has started to unblock the windows. Another very small step in the right direction.
Don't forget to send those letters of objection. Go and do it now, your Shire needs you!!!!

Anonymous said...

We couldn't make it either on Sunday as we had a wedding.

...but I spoke with my husband last night and he's offered his business's services to copy or print whatever is needed.

Contact me on

weloveplumstead said...

Dear Everyone,

There are several changes in the Busta situation that have taken place over the last few days which have been reported to weloveplumstead:

1. The developer/license applicant has reported to the Council his wish to change the name of the venue back to "The Ship".

2. The application is for a pub, not a nightclub.

3. The windows are now being restored; removal of the bricks commenced this afternoon.

In light of the above changes, along with the shortened almost-pub hours on the licensing application, the pressure to object and protest is significantly reduced. Residents of Wernbrook have even had a chance to chat with the developer/license applicant and he is clearly demonstrating a willingness to listen to and work with residents to live side-by-side peacefully.

If you are still concerned and would like to register your concern with the relevant authorities you can still:

1. Write a letter to Local Councillors and/or the Licensing Office as you see fit in light of the new developments.

2. Sign a the petition, which is available for concerned people to sign at the Chapter Two bookshop on Plumstead Common Road.

The pressure seems to be off and we should breathe a sigh of relief, but keep a watchful eye on the new Ship!

Please spread the word about these updates to concerned people.

Finally, a notice of the application hearing date should be released by the Council in a few weeks time. Please keep your eye out for that and be sure to come along if you can.


Anonymous said...

pledge to improve plumstead common: