Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Izzy wizzy let's get busy

Sorry lovely listeners. Life's been very hectic over the past few weeks.


Showtime folks.

1 - What's the general consensus? All Busta-mail to be channelled through the 'weloveplumstead....' email address? This will mean the lovely listener who has set it up is to be 'communications director'.

2 - If the mystery listener would like me to publicise the 'weloveplumstead....' email address, then let me know. Disclaimer - Plumsteadshire cannot be held responsible for any unseemly, spam, junk or non-Busta emails hitting your mail box.

3 - A physical meeting must be set up within 7 days so we can meet and bang heads together. Time is of the essence.

Don't forget, write to the Planning Department, write to the Licensing Department, write to your MP, councillors etc etc.


weloveplumstead said...

Hello, I am 'weloveplumstead'. Yes, I am happy to co-ordinator communication (don't really like to think of myself as a 'director'!)

Lots of people have emailed already. Hooray for all those that care and want good things for our lovely area!

I will circulate information to keep all informed via email - a kind of inbetween person to co-ordinate action. In so doing I promise to BCC everyone, so email addresses are not revealed and subjected to SPAM. (I won't SPAM you, I'll only send info related to Busta action).

I am myself a (new) member of PCEG, so I am happy to be a conduit between those who are PCEG members and all those many other concerned Plumsteadshire residents who aren't PCEG members. Only if this is OK with Nick, et al?

Re. meeting. I agree, we must meet asap and get organised! I suggest the following, as per your suggestion Pangloss, and those of others who have emailed:

Let's meet THIS Sunday: 19 Nov 2006 at THE STAR on Plumstead Common Road at 1/1:15pm. We can meet each other, have a drink and begin to organise action on Busta. I spoke with The Star landlord and he said it is fine if we convene there and take up a corner of the pub to meet. Sadly, they don't do lunch on a Sunday, so do eat beforehand if you need to (why don't Busta and Carpet Man realise we NEED a gastro pub so we can have a pub lunch on the weekend locally!}

Then, just before 3pm I suggest those that are interested head over to the PCEG Annual General Meeting, which is taking place from 3pm - 5pm at St Mark with St Margaret Church Hall, Old Mill Road. I am pretty sure Busta will be on the agenda for discussion and it would be great if as many people joined in discussion and action.

How does that sound?

Dimps said...

Will PCEG welcome non-members to its AGM? Perhaps Nick Day can comment.

The Plumster said...

Yep , more than happy for communications to be channelled via weloveplumstead....Sorry work committments prevent me from attending on Sunday. Like the idea though and best of luck. I hope to get more involved in the future

nick day said...

Any and all are welcome at PCEG meetings. Constitutionally of course only members can vote on official motions, but "feeling of the meeting" votes are also very valid. 19th Nov is an AGM when chair, vice chair, treasurer etc are elected. Rest assured PCEG members care enormously about the quality of our neighbourhood and have done a great deal to preserve and enhance it. We so want to do more, but depend on active help. Come and hear about the proposed St Nicholas Nature Reserve in a beautiful unmanaged woodland area a few yards from our doors!

Anonymous said...

I am up for meeting on Sunday, not sure how much use I will be at 1pm on a Sunday. Perhaps we can get Busta closed down and the landlord of The Star can become Gastro-King?

Anonymous said...

I have just recieved my letter from the council advising me of the new licencing application for Busta, Everything that has previously been sent in, is now null and void. All objections need to be resubmitted, as this is now a new licence application, they will not accept photocopies. New deadline for comments is 7th December

waverleygirl said...

I'll be at the Star on Sunday - which corner - probably down the end on the pool table side would be better...?

Anonymous said...

Last time the deadline for objections was beginning of October and the hearing was not until end October. If the objections for this round are now early December does that meant the hearing will be right in middle of Christmas holidays when alot of people are not around?

Does anybody know what the time frame is that the Council have to hold the hearings?

weloveplumstead said...

I don't know The Star seating very well (shamefully only been there once) so I think the location as Waverlygirl suggests ... down the side near the pool tables. See you there everyone.

weloveplumstead said...

ps... to those people who have emailed weloveplumstead@ntlworld.com in the last few days, i will reply soon. things have been manic at work so haven't been able to sneak any moments for personal emailing.