Thursday, 16 November 2006


For those of you who never bother to read the comments pages of Plumsteadshire, let me introduce you to the 'exclusive' email address set up by one lovely listener:-

I believe it's primarily or even exclusively set up for the Busta campaign - Bustagate

Use it, don't abuse it.


weloveplumstead said...

Dear Everyone,

Yes, the email address is exclusively for Busta Action.

Please note, we are not local councillors, planning/licensing dept experts, or officials of any kind. We're just concerned residents of Plumstead Common, and volunteering to help bring people together to organise.

To those people out there who have knowledge about licensing/planning applications, appeals and representations, please turn up and share what you know. There were a number of representations (re. the the Busta license) rejected for one reason or another last time (including ours), and of course there are letters to be sent to the planning department too.

See you on Sunday!

BTW, wouldn't it be interesting if Busta or Carpet Man turned up. Do they know this blog exists?

Pangloss said...

I'm interested to see if there are any Busta spies. In fact, I would welcome Busta.

I don't have any gripes against Mr Rhymes, in fact I applaud the fact that he is doing something about a disused building. It's the type of establishment proposed that I disagree with.


Anonymous said...

hilarious, my money will be on the spy in baggy jeans, gold chains and a sideways baseball cap, followed by a bevvy of blondes who look like they know what a pole looks like and are familiar with "private" bars..

Anonymous said...

I am fairly sure that Prakash Patel (aka Busta Planning Application) does know of the blog.

I know an old friend of his, who does not want to get involved, but may well have told him.

Anonymous said...

hello Busta Patel, Pleease, oh please, can we have a gastro pub and NOT a thumping club! Then we'll be your best customers.