Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Language laydeez

Thanks to The Plumster for pointing out that colourful language is not called for in Plumsteadshire.

Feelings are clearly high on the subject of Bustagate which just shows how much we happy folk love Plumstead Common.

The response to Bustagate has been phenomenal and you have all put together an incredible depth of knowledge and investigation into the planning & licensing applications of Busta. Two lovely listeners of note are :-
Nick Day of the award winning Plumstead Common Environment Group has made many intelligent observations about the latest application. And Wing Commander WeLovePlumstead has been doing a brilliant job of organising the lines of communication.

Even though Mr Patel has watered down his application, has he watered down his intent? I don't think so. As has been noted by many already, a members only club with bouncers on the door named after an angry black rapper? I don't think so.

Wine bar + Busta = DOES NOT COMPUTE
Genteel leafy suburb of London + Busta = LIKE PUTTING A MAD CAT IN AN AVIARY

Let me remind you who Busta is. Here he is pictured here with Slim Shady.

Hmmmmmmmm.......... I can picture it now.

"Good evening Monsieur Rhymes. A dry Martini & a bottle of Ch√Ęteau Lafite-Rothschild please."

"What da f***? Dis is sh**ing me dog. Get da f*** outta here. You ain't ******* ** my house!!!!!!"

It all seems too easy for Mr Patel to make such a radical change to his whole business plan from 'members club' to a pub that suits 200+objectors.

Deadline for objections is coming up. I don't think we should put our guard down just yet.

Alright pop pickers?


Anonymous said...

I was fully in support of bringing down Bustagate and still think we can knock the all singing all dancing hot spot on the head.
The rest of the points of discussion are not going to be agreed upon. I am not going to object to a pub or wine bar because quite frankly any new one cant be as bad as the ones there at the moment - rumour has it that The Prince Albert is closing can anyone confirm this.
Regards the language do we not think we are getting a little schoo-marmish about this? I personally thought it was quite descriptive.
Mr Patel if you do own the carpet shop can you not see that new decent bar = new influx of people to area = people renovating houses = more business for your carpet shop. Everyone's a winner!
I have recently moved here and am in the process of doing up our house near the Common and shall be needing a whole house of carpeting pretty soon (plus a gardener, an electrician and a painter/decorator)

The Plumster said...

According to Greenwich Watch, the council intend to serve a compulsory purchase order on the Prince Albert in order to extend the school. I don't know how accurate these rumours are.

The Plumster said...


Anonymous said...

The Prince Albert is due to close due to the forthcoming expansion of Plumstead Manor School.

Busta Patel doesn't own the carpet shop. He is leasing The Ship from Mr Carpet, who owns The Ship premises/property. Apparently Mr Carpet's father lives in one of the new flats above The Ship.

As recent Plumstead Commoners, we too are likely to want to patronise Mr Carpet, but NOT if he is imposing Busta on us.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know what happened outside the Coop? There was a Virgin helicopter on the common this afternoon and the Plumstead Common Rd has been closed with flashing blue lights for hours.

Anonymous said...

Well hopefully if he is leasing it from Mr Carpet man he will get a decent carpet and not one of those hideous swirly old mans pub numbers....enough to make anyone feel sick ,20 bacardi breezers or not (not sure what the drink of choice is today)!
If the PA is closing where are all of Camelot Castle's mates going to go and drink (have forgotten his name)? Hopefully not this new bar..
Does anyone have any contact details for Busta Patel? Has anyone tried to make contact with him directly or to meet with him and discuss these issues and see why he feels a Busta-bar is a good idea and why he is not considering a more viable and surely better money spinning opportunity such as somewhere that can be frequented during the day and evening for food and drink (and coffee - people keep talking about Mothers in the area some of them must be on maternity leave and want somewhere to meet up).
C'mon Busta less disco, more chilled music! Perhaps a visit to the Commons of Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Clapham might inspire you???

Anonymous said...

I saw it too. I was told by a copper it was "raid action".

I asked about the helicopter, which I saw flying low over my house, and it was apparently, unrelated.


Anonymous said...

There was certainly a nasty accident. The helicopter was an ambulance-helicopter and there were 5 or 6 medical people nursing a prostrate figure in the middle of Plumstead Common Road. There was also a conventional ambulance and several police cars.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading for those of you wondering about the effects of alcohol, harm in the community - (you will need adobe acrobat):


Some other interesting facts and figures from the www.respect.gov.uk website:

"• In 2002 – 2003, 1.2 million violent crimes were alcohol related – that’s 44% of all violent crime.

• Over 45% of domestic violence is linked to alcohol.

• 1 in 5 violent incidents take place in or around licensed premises.

• There are high levels of underage drinking – around one third of test purchase operations confirmed sales to minors.

• Up to 70% of overnight and weekend attendances in Accident & Emergency Departments were
alcohol related.

The impact of alcohol misuse on people’s lives is high; both for those who are direct victims, as well as those who are simply more fearful."

So for those of you wondering why people have issues with "Busta Da Rhyme" (or The Ship with Bouncers + Music + Dancing) coming into our neighborhood, read the report, there is alot of good valuable information. Why does the government have to commission a report on alcohol harm reduction? Because it is a problem and irresponsible drinking creates problems.

Yes, there are many of us who can drink responsibly, but there are even more who can not.

Does Mr Patel mention any "Code of Good practice in his application (as mentioned on page 59 in the report), no? Interesting. He only mentions selling expensive drinks.

I have to say if the licensing application were completed with correctly spelled words and/or real words ("druncking ness"?????)in addition to some well thought out objectives and reassurances to the community (in writing - no lip service), I would not be so concerned, but the preparation (or lack of) with which the application has been completed is totally unprofessional, an indication of the lack of concern for the community and a major concern to me.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen this before:

Anonymous said...

Look everyone - re. Plumstead Manor and Prince Albert:

"PLANS for a £27m school expansion involving the demolition of a 200-year-old pub have been halted...."

Anonymous said...


dimps said...

According to police officers and witnesses, a vehicle collided with an elderly lady.

waverleygirl said...

yes i am a regular vistor to plumstead stories and have contributed some pictures.....
the woodman's looking good on the other side of the common - anyone know what's going on there? could THIS be our gastropub....?
Where can you view the licensing appliation with all its wonderful spelling? Is it only at Riverside House or also online?

Anonymous said...

just looked on greenwich council website for the woodman application. it says it just to move the location of toilets in the building, and observation of work says they are making the outside smarter too. no word on becoming a gastro pub, but we can live in hope!

Nick Day said...

the licensing app can only be seen by appt. at Riverside House

Dimps said...

Can anyone comment on the rumours that Bert Lawrence has sold his video shop at The Slade, but is unable (or unwilling) to say what the new shop will be?

Anonymous said...

with all of this talk and worry about busta, i wonder if anyone notices or cares that right across the common the prince albert runs late night music until 2am, quite often, for birthday parties, etc. a few weeks ago this involved a guest dj or some kind, and one could imagine people getting up an dancing, even if only on grubby pub carpet rather than a shiny new dance floor. if this is already allowed on the commen, then won't The Ship be allowed to do much the same. And why aren't all you people out there writing letters about the Prince Albert too! Both are next to residences, and indeed, the Prince Albert much closer to the girls school than The Ship. what gives?!

Anonymous said...

What's with all the questions....haven't you got a carpet to fit or a nightclub to push through?

The Plumster said...

The comment about Lawrence Video is interesting. Does anyone know anything else???

Anonymous said...

isn't a blog a place to ask questions, share information/opinions, have conversations? or are we all to conform and have precisely the same opinion and ask no quetions?
so i ask again, what do people think about the prince albert- both its late license that is regularly used and the compulsory purchase by plumstead manor? and i wonder what mr courtney and his mates think since its their local.
also, i too would like to know about the video shop. good question "the plumster"!

Anonymous said...

The Prince Albert has a lovely ambience...I especially like the t-shirts that the barmaids wear with 'Bev's Bitches' emblazoned across the front and a knuckle duster on the back. My guess is Big Dave owns this place...and you know you don't want to mess with him!

I love your argument though...well we have one sh!tty establishment on the common that holds birthday parties on a grubby carpet why can't we have a nightclub with a shiny dancefloor that'll bring the area down another notch. Or perhaps you think it'll enhance the area?

Anonymous said...

According to the News Shopper, there is a petition doing the rounds aimed at saving The Albert. The same story mentions that the Councils compulsory purchase order plans have been put on hold, primarily because they messed up consultation with those involved. I'm guessing that improvements to the school will probably benefit the community more than the Albert?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone would actually set foot in the Prince Albert unless they have a criminal record. Have you seen their website? Christ.
Part of me wants this knocked down (preferably with the residents inside) Go the School..the other part of me wonders where these people will end up drinking if it does close (hopefully not in one of the many new gastropubs about to open on the Common - I am not giving up this fight)!
Tony's cafe - would make a great coffee shop/cafe for breakfast and during the day - perhaps even feeding us in the evening (perhaps Tony is really an Italian Toni and could knock up a Trattatoria)?
The area with the estate agents could do with somewhere for people to go and mull over which fabulous property to spend their pennies on in the area..See so much potential.
Come on Busta - that front garden area would be lovely with some tables, heaters and greenery (but not hideous old mans pub window boxes - stop it).

Anonymous said...

Why not ask the video man what his new place will be? Or look at Greenwich Council's planning permission site.

Anonymous said...

They look like a friendly bunch to me!


Anonymous said...

video man won't tell. nothing on the greenwich website to date. unless someone else knows differently.

Anonymous said...

btw. It's bev's big birthday bash tomorrow..and apparently it's unmissable!

See you all there...


I LOVE BEV'S WEBSITE! Can't wait for Busta's effort!

Anonymous said...

is that not supposed to be BIG Bev's birthday bash rather than Bevs Big birthday....oh my

Anonymous said...

indeed. ugh.

Anonymous said...

look at those puppies!

Anonymous said...

Oh. Dear.

what an unfortunate name...

Courtney de Courtney


The Headless 291 Driver said...

For those that asked about Bert's shop on the Slade, I've just been to ask him, well I went for some milk actually but anyway I digress. (hey! maybe busta will become a new branch of Digress! sweet, I can bring all my city "Krew" to Plumstead). Anyway it is almost sold but to quote the man himself, "they're fuckin me about see" apparently it's been bought by a consortium, he said Tesco but he wasn't sure. All the stock and staff will be moving to the Timbercroft/Flaxton Road store and they're going to extend it and he's going to retire. Probably a wise idea...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the shop next door was up for sale recently too...

The Headless 291 Driver said...

I think from now on all "anonymous" people should be made to use a name or at least an IP address, it's impossible to tell whether this is 20 different people or 1 person with all the same gripes.

From what I recall no, Costcutter wasn't for sale recently, probably why the likes of Tesco want to move in, Costcutter are incredibly unfriendly though so no complaints from me.

Threshers was a breath of fresh air, shame the rent was raised and they had to close. Only to be replaced by....a £1 shop! Wow, Plumstead just goes from strength to strength. To the anonymous who said aim high, if you really think we stand any chance of something Islington/Clapham like then I think you need to take a reality check, Plumstead could be good but it's way off right now, there just isn't the clientele and cash to keep a swanky place going. Get a few decent family pubs going and then it will move up from there for the time being we're just a small group of likeminded people in a sea of working class locals who are happy with what they've got, just look at the Prince Albert website gallery, pubs like that don't survive without customers. We are not Greenwich, we are not Blackheath, do not kid yourself, we could be that one day but like Threshers and like the Happy Birthday cake shop a swanky venture will just die on it's arse.

As for the anonymous who mentioned the alochol stats, you are preaching to the deaf. Everyone here was against a completely nonsensical idea of a club in Plumstead but again I really feel that rallying against a pub is an individual choice. We all want some thing decent in Plumstead, you can't specify that you want something decent and that everyone who goes there will drink responsibly and will go home peacefully before 10pm on a weekend. You have to be realistic.

The belief that as it has a dancing licence it must be a club seems rather irrational and so does that as it's in a residential area it will be a bad idea. The Who'Da Thought It most certainly did have a serious incident notice outside it recently, it's run by idiots who appear to have no concern about it's image or the residents nearby. They happily let groups of 20+ asbo muppets congregate outside it every friday and saturday drinking they're diamond white and being obnoxious. Hell they don't even care that people park their cars anywhere they like outside often blocking what is a major bus route. All we can hope for is that providing it's not a club that The Ship is really trying to get some new clientele, due to the protests and that they're willing to listen. Surely on a practical level it's going to be all nice and new inside and that in itself will initially attract people.

Anonymous said...

pledge to improve plumstead common:

wuckfit said...

So Headless...an establishment that you can drink & dance at whilst music plays and has bouncers...what would you call that again...cos I know I wouldn't call it a pub.

I sincerely hope like everyone on here that a wonderful family pub will open up..but from what I have read and seen so far I really do not expect this to happen.

Oh and by the way I mentioned recently that Starbucks was coming to Plumstead...he's taken over the The Woodman...from what I've heard this could indeed be what people are after.