Wednesday, 6 February 2008

back to business

The new estate agent, Beaumont Gibbs, is looking rather snazzy. We don't really need another shop to stare at unaffordable property, but it's better than staring at piles of plasterboard which used to adorn the space.

Just to redress the balance of impartiality, there are other splendid estate agents to browse.

David Evans
Robinson Jackson
Your Move
Goodwin Ellis

The new opticians over at the Slade seems to have slowed its' fit-out. Maybe they've taken off their rose-tinted lorgnettes and seen the Mad Max reality.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but mr beaumont gibbs is sleaze like the rest of them. he showed us a property before we bought in plumstead. it was an overpriced s***hole and he told the usual big lies. also, he left us out in the pouring (and i mean buckets pouring) rain because he was very late, and gave no apology. so rudeness on top of slease.
we don't need any more estate agents in plumstead. but i expect he and some of the others won't be around much longer with the looming big recession and slow down in the housing market.
this new estate agent is the last one in, and so will probably become swiftly the first one out.
and then maybe we can have the long-desired cafe instead!

Doctor Pangloss said...

I'm no fan of estate agents either but at least the shop is being used as a shop rather than a storage area or even worse, just left unused altogether.

AJWInBlack said...
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AJWInBlack said...

While not the biggest fan of estate agents (file under necessary evil) iI agree it's better to see shopfronts coming back into use.

Oh and feel free to add a link to my ramblings!