Sunday, 10 February 2008

Listen up

Many many thanks to those of you who have redressed the balance in TOILETGATE. Nobody has ever laid claim that Plumstead is a picture of urban utopia, but some have better experiences than others.

One lovely listener has commented with such positive energy that I'm going to vote for her in the next local elections (whether she stand or not).

Planetplumstead says:-
Sorry Dr Pangloss but I’m going to lead off alarming, please humour me…

Plumstead undoubtedly has it's share of woes and sadly certain areas do experience more problems than others. I sympathise with those who believe Plumstead has become “a toilet”. If I’m honest there are a few areas for which this is a good description. In contrast, there are some very beautiful and well-cared-for spots. Perhaps those of us who are involved with caring for the local environment should take this on board and organise some “familiarisation visits”, rather like Nick did as part of the Green Chain celebrations. This way, old/sick/isolated/frightened folk like Anonymous can share the delights of Plumstead’s natural environment in safety and get to meet others who do too.

To my mind, and as previously pointed out on this blog, numbers do make the difference. To give an example, there are some Glyndon estate residents who endure continuous ASB problems with drug dealers and related crimes. To help counter this they formed themselves into a residents’ association and now have the attention of GBC councillors and the Met’s safer neighbourhood team. It would be na├»ve to think that this solves all their problems, it doesn’t, it simply helps keep up the fight. It also gives them a voice, helps them feel less isolated, and gives them some level of control. We should be glad of these efforts because problems quickly spread out into neighbouring areas and ultimately gives us all issues with crime and safety.

Wearing my Girl Guides hat, I’d like to say that if you feel strongly about our problems then think about getting involved with a local group like the PCEG or one of the residents’ associations. If Plumstead doesn’t have a collective voice then it’s difficult as individuals to demand action from the authorities. Before I joined the PCEG, I used to just sit at home and moan about everything. Now, although I still moan about everything, I at least get involved with doing something practical about our problems. I’ve also met a great bunch of other locals and it has made me realise that lots of people do care about what happens to Plumstead.


Anonymous said...

Plumstead is a lovely place. It's the people that let themselves and our area down. As a life long resident of the parish that view as little changed over the years. I would like to say a very big well done to all involved in the different schemes in Plumstead to improve the safety and environment of the place. Shame the (local) authorities do not share their hopes. I remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

PlanetPlumstead said...

Dr P, I'm flattered to be featured as the "star letter" on your outstanding blog. (Have I won an I-phone?)

I'm not standing for election but I continue to rattle the cage of GBC because I generally think Plumsteaders are getting short-changed in the whole management and (so-called) regeneration of the area.

Lots of others have told me they feel the same and tonight I am joining one very brave lady who is staging a public meeting (5pm, St Patrick's School Hall, which is at the bottom of Griffin Hill I think), about the idea of starting what she describes as a "creative hub" in the area. I don't know too much about this at the moment but I will go along and find out more because it sounds interesting. If it gets off the ground I will report back via I'm told the meeting is open to anyone interested.

Anonymous said...

Great new Planet Plum, please keep us informed as we would love to attend.

Anonymous said...

Posted by super-star blogger Sibonetic:

Is plumstead a TOILET?

"There are some disturbing trends that indicate that unlike London as a whole, crime in Plumstead is getting worse!

Recorded Crime in London fell last year by 6.1%, but Greenwich was one of only 4 Boroughs where crime increased. Information on some crimes can only obtained at a borough wide level, but some of this does not make for comforting reading, the number of Homicides doubled (from 4-8) at least 2 of which were in the Plumstead area (in Barnfield Road and another just off Herbert Road). Motor Venicle crime increased by 15% in Greenwich compared to a 8% fall across London and Gun enabled crime went up by 32.8%, compared to a 11% fall London wide."

Plumstead rules!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm scared.

sibonetic said...

While it is lovely to be called a super star, My contention was not that Plumstead was particularly crime ridden, it isn't. A couple of other quotes from the piece would have given a quite different picture.
'The first thing to say is that crime in Plumstead, is about average for London, there are places that are a lot worse, and some that are a lot better.'


'The good news was that there were significant falls in Criminal damage, down 19.4% in Plumstead and 14.9% in Glyndon and smaller falls in Violence against the person of 9.6% in Plumstead and 4% in Glyndon'

The point I was trying to get across is that while London wide crime is falling, the same is not true in Plumstead or Greenwich.

Anyway you can read the whole thing here

In addition the car crime epidemic which Dr Pangloss mentioned is not confined to Plumstead it is Borough wide. The Greenwich Phantom had an interesting piece on it.

I have to say that as vice chair of PCEG I am most encouraged by those people who want to get involved in making Plumstead better and look forward to seeing them at the next meeting, let's get our voices heard and get something done.

Dimps said...
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Dimps said...

Is there anything to report about the "creative hub" meeting on the 10th?

I work in a school in the area and it is possible that this is something that we could get involved with.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in doing some work at the weekends/evenings with local young people. Can anyone recommend where/who I could speak to?

Dimps said...

Anonymous said...

Beware of the romanian gypsies.
has anyone noticed the family of romain gypsies that have moved in near the bus stop on pc road? I counted 10 people coming out at the weekend, and last night spotted them bringing their black sacks of rubbish down the street to dump them. they have also entered a house on pc road currently under renovation and tried to steal copper. they wont stop there, just to bear in mind and be wary.
concerned resident

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the Chelsea soldiers are heading down to Woolwich to join us? Just what we need, a stiff injection of discipline and new blood in the area!

Anonymous said...

This place is NOT a toilet....

.... Its a deadly toilet.

Another kid murdered in cold blood - while pratts pretend there's nothing wrong with this place.

Lets go and pick up some litter - that will show them.



Dimps said...

What do you do to improve the area, Gary?

Doctor Pangloss said...

Gary. Just to save everyone's time with your pathetic whinging, read the blog writings from last month.

Don't point your finger at the good people who actually care about the local area and call them pratts.

Who are the pratts? People who get out there and try to improve things or people who whinge and do nothing?

Anonymous said...

Lived in Plumstead 3 years.

Never seen or experienced any crime in person.

Of couse, it is obvously happening in the area. However, I have no feeling that there is a differnece from other parts of London.

There's always a pikey living somwhere near you in London, that's what comes of a multi million population