Monday, 4 February 2008

Stay safe!!!!

Good people of the Shire, please take care. This evening, I have had two very similar incidents.

1) A complete stranger knocked on my door and told me that they saw a man taking too much interest in my motor. I thanked them and have now booby-trapped my ride.

2) I walked out of my house and saw a man lingering by my neighbour's car. It was parked on the Common side of Plumstead Common Road. As I am now quite fired-up about the possibility of my property being stolen, I started walking towards him, not thinking about the potential danger. He looked suspicious and I asked if he was alright (not in a caring way, you understand), and he said he dropped his phone. Reality kicked in and I backed off, thinking he could be carrying a blade, then I knocked on my neighbour's door and we checked the car out. Smashed rear quarter window, but nothing stolen. I felt so bad, as I was inches from stopping him. Here's a description for what it's worth. He was around 5' 9" medium build. Dare I say it - East European looking. Shortish dark hair back combed. Spoke with a usual South East London accent.

Don't ever leave anything in your car, even if it's worthless. These might be unconnected incidents, but I'll see tomorrow morning if I've had my motor stolen.

Be vigilant and stay safe!!!!


Anonymous said...

I was only saying to my significant other yesterday that I counted 5 broken car windows last week in just three streets all just off of PCom Road.

You have been warned Plumstead!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seems like only yesterday a pratt had a go at me for saying that

Funny old world innit?

Anonymous said...

My dear friend, car crime is a fact of life. It does not mean the whole area constitutes 'a toilet'.