Monday, 18 February 2008


I had a flyer put through my letterbox yesterday. It advertises Comedy On The Common at The Pavilion.

I really like the idea of a comedy night. It goes on to state 'alternative comedy with top acts from the comedy circuit'. I don't expect to see Harry Hill or Alan Carr, but hey, someone's taken the initiative to put on some entertainment for the good folk o' the Shire.

The venue is The Pavilion. Does that mean that scruffy bomb shelter outside The Old Mill? I thought that was a changing room for the rugby club. If so, then I'm not too sure about watching stand-up with the aroma de jock-strap wafting around.

Anyway, it's Sunday 24th (February I suppose), at 7pm. £7 entry.


Anonymous said...

Well, we would make an effort for this - any more news on where it actually is?

sibonetic said...

So, did you go?, Was it any good?

Doctor Pangloss said...

I've been struck down with the black death and couldn't make it out to the comedy night.

Well, living in a toilet does mean germs are rife doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.

Another murder in the past week or so eh....what a very dangerous toilet we are becoming sir.

Nithdale Road

Doctor Pangloss said...

In a way, yes, but this seems to be happening all over London and probably in most cities around the country.

I don't know if it's to do with gangs.

Despite the efforts of the few who are determined to underline this unsavoury element of our local area and label it a toilet, I still feel safe and care for the place and community. I'm sorry that you don't.

ben said...

Ship II coming soon! I noticed a sign in the ships window this evening. Anyone know what this is about?

Nicholas said...

Thanks for your comments;glad you got the flyer. Yes, it is in the rugby club, you may not appreciate that it has a bar, a stage and can hold 100 people. Since the Tram Shed is no longer used for comedy we felt that the area was lacking in this sort of facility for the local community hence the initiative.The acts we had were Hal Cruttenden, Dougie Dunlop, Janice Phayre. It was an excellent night and if you wish to look up their credentials they are available on The next show will be on 30th March, doors open at 7pm. For further info contact

Anonymous said...

The Ship II eh? Look out look out Bustas about!!!