Saturday, 2 February 2008

more Nellie

Well it would seem that elephants are like buses, you don't get one for years and then two turn up at once. Not strictly true as I'm just being frivolous; I saw the same pink elephant again yesterday and it brought a smile to my face. Simple pleasures eh? I don't know what the elephant means though.

Moving onto a less cheery subject, I only have to say the tragic words 'KITCHEN CADDY'.

I guess like most people, I'm all for recycling. My recycling bin has always filled up much more quickly than the refuse bin, but my kitchen is now bin heaven. One for dry recycling, one for refuse, one for milk & juice cartons and then the KITCHEN CRAPPY. Oh yes, how can I forget the small pile of newspapers to line the bottom of my new addition?

This must also affect the changing use/aesthetic of the English garden. Oh, once were pretty hedged and bordered with pansies (no sniggering at the back), see roads around Shrewsbury House - dey is well nice innit? Then the horrible curse of driveways came along. Concrete all over the front garden and more recently, impressed concrete, see Welling. And once were one black bin, we now have two plus black refuse bags flanking our front doors. Such a horrible view of our homes. What must Betjeman think of this?


Anonymous said...

In essence, after all, when all is said and done and at the end of the day.....PLUMSTEAD IS JUST A TOILET!

Anonymous said...

In essence, after all, when all is said and done and at the end of the day..... the anonymous writer above is a TWAT!

Plumstead isn't brilliant but that can be said of many parts of London. If you've got a criticism, then make it constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

In essence, after all, when all is said and done and at the end of the day..... the anonymous writer above is also a TWAT!

Just open your eyes and walk through Plumstead - upper or lower - and you will see NOTHING but dirt, crime and police boards asking for witnesses to often dreadful assaults.

Look in the pages of the News Shopper; again nothing but crime and gangs.

Listen to the local radio (again, as above).

As the brain-donor above mentioned, the same could be leveled at other parts of London YEAH THE OTHER CRIME RIDDEN PARTS!

Plumstead really is 'just a toilet.'

Nick Day said...

well I spose, WAISAD, we're all twats if we sit back and take it. What can we DO? Any ideas? What's the answer? What action do we need? Let's do it. Let's get it. Let's mobilise oursleves to get the neighbourhood we want and deserve. Ideas? The Safer Neighbourhood team (of which I chair the Glyndon Ward panel!) certainly don't frankly seem to make much difference - they are undermanned have no night shifts and are based in Thamesmead and one vehicle shared with another team (oh yes and of course only three of them are actually police officers with powers of arrest . . . oh yes and once any of those three actually make an arrest they are then off the street for several hours)
So let's do something - invade a council meeting? Lobby the local police Chief Inspector - but it really needs to be a large number of people - think 1876 Plumstead Common Riots and the effect THAT had!

Anonymous said...

Is Plumstead really a toilet - well, sadly it's starting to seem like it. Read the latest story in this blog for yet MORE proof.

Anyone got some toilet duck - coz the local police can't do anything to save you or your property.

The scum have totally claimed the steets of Plumstead - seriously; it's theirs now!

There's nowhere that you can walk safely after dark and very few places where you can walk safely in daylight.

Sad - really sad, for the decent people still living there.

I left Plumstead and London years ago and on the odd occasion I go back it's shocking to see the place in such a state.

nick day said...

We need to see things in proportion and realistically here. ASB and vehicle crime have certainly reached levels that are unacceptable but as for walking safely in our streets - we have a very low level of "violent crime against the person" in this area. That's based on Met statistics. The odd yellow board really doesn't mean it's unsafe. Comparatively Plumstead is SAFE. And it's really quite beautifully green. Walk around Plumstead Common and you'll see evidence of peoples' action to make the environment more clean, graffiti-free, litter-free and generally decent.

Georgie said...

What a load of hyped-up tosh. We've been in Plumstead for 6 months and often have a nice relaxed walk to The Old Mill of an evening (and live! amazing!). I wonder why some people are so resolutely negative and refuse to offer any solutions or see any good in anything. You make me glad to be me - thanks!

The reason I think Pangloss mentioned those other 'crime-ridden' areas was that they are probably nearest in comparison to what you would get for your money property-wise. Although what you'd get in those areas would actually be much smaller and nowhere near the beautiful Victorian houses we have, which highlights how much Plumstead has to offer for young first time buyers. Which is what we need. Fresh eyes and minds who can see the potential. Not cynics who seem to think that being negative makes them superior. It's called Regeneration and believe it or not it happens. See East Dulwich. See Peckham Rye. See Telegraph Hill.

Let's organise ourselves and take action to make the local councilllors sit up and take notice. In my short time here, I gather they do pretty much cack all and we are in danger of being overlooked for regen money that Woolwich will see plenty of. If you don't fancy that then you're perfectly entitled to sit on your backside and wait for the big lottery win so you can move to Blackheath.