Wednesday, 7 January 2009

DLR in Woolwich

The word on the streets is that the Docklands Light Railway (you know that funny train that doesn't have a driver), is starting its' service from Woolwich Arsenal THIS SATURDAY. Form an orderly queue please.

Canning Town here I come!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad someone knows! For all the "excitement" of the whole of London being able to "discover Woolwich", the fact they've not actually publicised a date is a bit naff!

Anonymous said...

hooray hooray hooray.
all the minutes of my life i will get back for the shorter journey to work. hooray.
i'm a little bit excited by this.

Katarakta said...

Wow, that's really great, for me the most important thing is that I would not need to walk under the river anymore, the tunnel can be scary in the night.

Anonymous said...

i "drove" the dlr train this morning. going through the long tunnel under the river is particularly thrilling.
what a fantastic journey to work. i would have never thought i'd feel so relaxed and ready to work on a monday morning, but here i am, at my desk, in the office for over 1/2 already.
thanks to TFL and the DLR for giving Woolwich a faster journey in to Londontown! hoorah.

Anonymous said...

I took the DLR from WA to Bank yesterday. I can't believe how near City Airport is!!! It's great that we have this service up and running. The bus journey from P'Shire to the station was only about five minutes too. Awesome!