Saturday, 3 January 2009

Woolwich DLR opening soon

Oh boy, I am really excited about the DLR arriving at Woolwich Arsenal. Apparently, it'll be opening this month. I wouldn't mind booking a flight from London City Airport to Milan, just because I can and the journey would be so ridiculously easy.

Where else shall I go to? 
Let's see...... how about the Thames Barrier Park with its' contemporary planting and modern architecture tea house?

I'm keeping an eye on an exciting proposal for an eco visitor attraction called Biota! It's planned for Silvertown but I don't know if it's a
concept or actually being built. The architect's visuals look pretty stunning though. I'll have to find out more.

So the DLR is a bit more than a commuter's dream to get to Bank. I'm going to live my dream and sit at the very front and pretend I'm driving the driving the train.



Anonymous said...

Hi Doc. I just recently moved from Plumstead to bonnie Scotland and as much as I enjoy keeping in touch with the goings on in South East London through your blog, you are making me extremely homesick! But please keep up the good work.
Can I be cheeky and just say a huge hello to the guys at the Greenwich Rugby Club. And wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Thanks, Rachel.

Anonymous said...

what date exactly will the DLR station open? does anyone know?? i've lookedon the TFL/DLR website and can't find the date announced anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than 'opening January' at the moment. Probably wise. If they say a date and miss it, people will whine about delays etc. I think we should be very thankful for any date in Jan. The originally planned opening date was 28th Feb so they are well ahead of schedule

Anonymous said...

***Stop Press***

Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station is opening on Saturday 10th January!!!! You heard it here first kids!

Happy New Year - The Plumster x

Doctor Pangloss said...

Yes, I spoke to a security guard at the DLR last week and he told me 10th as well, but as I wasn't too sure how official this was.

I guess the 10th will be a soft opening and of course, her royal highness will come and cut a ribbon at a future date.

Many thanks Plumster

Anonymous said...

Yep, all soft & cuddly on Saturday, official opening Monday apparently. The Plumster

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bloody Marvellous. I too am over-excited about this link to capital. I've not been keeping up with your blog of late Pangloss and have been feeling a tad depressed about living in Plumstead. But you have cheered me up and reminded me of its goodness.
I thank you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, city airport is five minutes away on the DLR. Things are going to change for the better for cultured intelligent Plumsteadshire residents! ( we are not all chavs you know, *honestly*!)

Anonymous said...

Since this station has opened, we've noticed a) the class of passenger has been lowered significantly; and b)not only are seats non-existent, but at peak times struggle to get on the train at all.

The Woolwich extension has been only bad for the people of Silvertown and Barrier Point.