Thursday, 15 January 2009

Woolwich Co Op petition

Reading the excellent 853 blog, I see they have flagged up a petition to save the lovely art deco Co Op building in Woolwich-on-Thames (given time the estate agents will latch on to it).

I don't know the effectiveness of these petitions, but it's worth a try. It really is a key piece of architecture in W-O-T, but hmmmm...... money talks and the developers could pass a few pound notes under a board room table at Greenwich Council and next thing we know, a bull-dozer is on site. Over the years I have become so very cynical of Greenwich Council.

On a different line of rant, the wonderful and tireless Plumstead Common Environment Group have been bashing their heads against brick walls over Greenwich Council's farcical refuse collection service. More on this when I get time.


The ReV' said...

Surfed in from the Arthur Pewty Blog, glad I did!
I have fond memories of the old Co-Op in Woolich form when I was a child and now at the grand old age of 36 I can look out of my office windo and see the top of it's tower.

The petion site asks you to donate but you can ignore that but might be worth pointing it out in the Blog.

Doctor Pangloss said...


Thanks for pointing this out. I've signed it and we'll see if it makes a difference.

Dolly said...

I'm surprised the petition site is asking to donate? It didn't ask me!

The petition was officially started by, I dunno if anyone would be interested in joining us there. :)

Anonymous said...

You should check this place out in The Arsenal:-

And while you're at it, pay the Firepower Museum a visit. It's surprisingly interesting, particularly if you have any interest in local history