Wednesday, 7 January 2009

When will chavs become extinct?

I'm feeling really sorry for myself. You see I've lived with some nice neighbours and we get along well.

Last weekend a whole gang of chavs moved into the house next door. I'll hold back on being judgemental and see how things pan out as under their track-suited exteriors, they may be gentle and kind hearted.

Four days on and I'm already losing patience. The children have been running around until 11.30pm, they've got televisions playing in most rooms and seem not to have off switches. Whilst in my garden, one little oik climbed onto a flat roof and shouted "Oi!" to/at me. Really nice. Of course, the obligatory dogs; they're kept in a cage upstairs and bark and whine for hours on end - I would feel a whole lot better if these children were bundled in with them.

I really did want to go round, say hello and welcome them to our little corner of The Shire, but I just don't see the point. Is there any point?

Already I'm dreading Summer as I envisage garden raves and loud music long into the early hours. Oh what joy, it'll be like living in a Mike Leigh film.

Having nice neighbours is so bleedin' under-rated.

Any advice gratefully received.


essgee said...

My advice? Shoot the lot of 'em.

Anonymous said...

this is awful. get the landlords contact details, and keep ringing him to complain, or will he even care? i suppose the dogs are staffs/pit bulls of some sort? not good to have these neighbours, just what we dont need on our doorsteps!

The ReV' said...

"it'll be like living in a Mike Leigh film"...BWHAHA!
Hat's off to you Sir!

Anonymous said...

contact social services and say the kids never go to school, then the RSPCA to get the dogs rehomeed to a decent home, then the benefit office to get rid of the Gallengers.

Hugh said...

I have linked to your Blog from mine - You know my feelings on Chavs!

Anonymous said...

There's lots of good advise regarding this on the councils website:-

Speaking from experience, keep a diary of all 'incidents' however trivial you may think they are, and don't go banging on their door at 1 o'clock in the morning, it won't achieve anything. deal with it through the correct channels.

Anonymous said...

You poor lamb :0( there are quite a lot of chavs in The Shire but have to say that my neighbours are fantastic. I hope yours will move on soon! They sound like your typical benefit scrounging losers.

Doctor Pangloss said...

I get on really well with my neighbours too so the pond-life who have just moved in are the exception.

In order to gain some kind of balance, they have been quiet(ish), for the past few days, apart from last night when their dogs were kept upstairs and barking for about 3hours non-stop. Could have been longer as I noticed it when I arrived home from work. Anyway, one woman finally went upstairs to comfort the poor dogs with the caring words, "will yoo just shuuuuut uuuuup!!!!!!???"

I should contact the RSPCA and have them put down, then I'd rehome the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Oooh no, I hate it when irresponsible people have dogs ( and children). Definitely call the RSPCA if they are being mean to the dogs. Call the council too if they are being a nuisance with noise etc.
If I was in charge, I would pull the plug on all these benefit spongers. They get a *****g fortune from our taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't these people heard of temazepam and travel-sickness pills, and tying children to the ceiling, aka the Karen Matthews Childcare method? (Keeps the little darlings ever so quiet while your husband surfs the Net for kiddie porn.)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like I live on the set of ‘This is England’.