Friday, 13 January 2006

And tonight Matthew, I'm gonna be....

The one solitary thing I like about The Stage, the periodical to the acting profession, is the section in the back of the paper. No, not the sports pages.... well, these people can be called good sports in one [warped] sense, no, the back pages are full of LOOK-A-LIKES.

Thank God the pictures are thumbnail sized images and have names of their supposed famous doppelgangers, otherwise I'd be struggling. Photographs of ordinary folk who think they might have a vague resemblance to Tommy, the bloke from TV gardening make-over programmes or any female with long hair and no bra as the woman from TV gardening make-over programmes. My personal favourite (maybe because she's a well known looky-likey), is Jeanette Charles, HRH The Queen, see here in the hit Hollywood comedy, 'The Naked Lunch', I mean, 'The Naked Gun'.

Messing about on the internet, I came across an image of superb quality. One which sums up my love of the World of look-a-likes. Doppelgangers du Monde. [I know I'm mixing languages, but in Plumsteadshire, that's allowed]. Check this fella out.

Now that's magic.

Actually, on the train in to Charing Cross this morning, I saw a lady who looked like a celeb. To be truthful, only her lips looked like a celeb's lips.

Leslie Ash.

Need I say more?

Why? Oh why? Oh why do people do it? Fish lips du Monde. Poisson bouche du jour. There are times when I wish I wore a bow-tie only so that I could have one of those 1960s spy film cameras secreted within. I'll have to try and catch the same train next week.

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Anonymous said...

That's quite a lot of lip, if I may say so. What about all these chaps going for Botox. And that poor whale in the Thames. Did God put it there for Brits to anthropomorphise?