Saturday, 28 January 2006

Chantelle wins Big Brother

I've been watching quite a bit of Celebrity Big Brother.

It's a strange thing. I don't know why I find it so fascinating. I can't quite justify it along the lines of sociological or psychological experiment as it's set in such a fake and calculatingly electric atmosphere.

What the hell, I've had these discussions with friends who refuse to get off their high horses. More the case of 'how dare they police what I want to watch'.

Rant out of the way, I am really pleased that Chantelle has won. It's great that 'niceness' has won out over bitchy nastiness. Chantelle might not be the brightest stars in the sky, but being 'down to earth' and honest has paid off. Pete the Freak also claims that he was just being honest, but how screwed up is he that whenever he opens his fat mouth he can only spit bile? Two different takes on being honest.

Well done Chantelle. You might not want to change, but you're going to have to fight pretty hard to escape the clammy hands of the gutter press.

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