Wednesday, 25 January 2006


Having been bamboozled by techno babble, I thought I'd be very fair and accept that PCs are possibly better than Macs. It's a fair cop.
This week, working at a company with rooms full of Windoze machines, I had to work on a D*ll machine. Ooh, how lucky am I? I faced daily application crashes and stuttering whilst typing in M****soft W**d.
Ah well, so I was put on another machine. H****** P****** Much better. Crash free, but Out*** E****** only delivers some of my mail (seemingly not unlike Consignia or whatever they're called).
Sorry Mr Gates, my allegiance still lies firmly with Mr Jobs.


philhuk said...

Welcome back Pangloss.. where ya been?

Can you contact me via email I wanted to ask something, philhuk at hotmail co uk

Pangloss said...

I'm sorry Phil UK, I like to keep communication strictly through the blog. I mean, it's not like I'm a real doctor.
That alright?