Wednesday, 4 January 2006

Woolwich gets posh coffee

In reply to Raffles' comment.
The Costa is next to the new Benjy sandwich shop. Yes, a new sandwich shop too. Where will this gentrification end? How long until John Lewis move in? When will Fortnum & Mason put out a press release for a 'Fortnum's Local'?
Anyway, back on planet Earth. If you don't know where the Benjy shop is, it's opposite the Nat West on the main pedestrianised street. You'll know where I mean because that's where those scallywags sell illegal DVDs.


Raffles said...

Thanks for the details, Mr Pangloss. The new shops are clearly positioning themselves early for the new DLR station. I would like to see the empty council-owned spaces at the ferry end of Wellington St being used. At the moment, they are lying fallow, strewn with rubbish, light fittings and old chairs - hardly a good example being set by Greenwich Council. Perhaps this will be sorted out when the council move out of Peggy Middleton House (part of the Tesco deal, as I understand it). I read the consulation document on Crossrail coming to Woolwich yesterday (pdf's on the CR site). Its conclusions are not too favourable but you never know.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the buildings near Argos? If so the reason they're empty is cos asbestos was found and they had to shute the offices to remove it.

Raffles said...

Yes, the "asbestos offices" are the ones I was referring. Any idea when this will be sorted out?

Saw some workmen removing roof tiles off the Pullman this morning, prior to its demolition - hurrah!