Monday, 9 January 2006

God Almighty

Thanks yet again to Philhuk for more useful advice. This sounds more feasible than my first idea, that of reading up on Darwinian Theory and proving them wrong.

Talking of DT, this is nothing to do with it, but worth a look.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Pangloss,
I have found speaking in tongues to be most efficacious in discouraging unwanted callers, or perhaps one could take a leaf out of Arsenic and Old Lace, blowing on a bugle and rushing down the stairs to check on the Panama Canal?
Regarding the re-invigoration of Woolwich and environs, have you heard about the wonderful new library to be constructed, a boon surely to those clever enough to have purchased property nearby.

Pangloss said...

Dear Anon,
Been watching UKTV History? There was a programme about the building of the Panama Canal. I would've watched it if I hadn't been hiding behind the sofa as the Jehovah's wrath loomed large over Plumsteadshire.

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts whilst the potatoes were boiling. I must apologise. The small group of evangelists currently warming their toes by your excellent fire, and casting warm and understanding looks towards the cupboard in which you are currently hiding could be my fault. You would be JUST the person they were looking for!
Instead, I recommend a stout stick by the front door, or get your other half to answer it!
All the Best in the best of all possible worlds for 2006