Thursday, 12 January 2006

Bad news is good news

I think I've found out how to increase hits on my blog.

Look out for subjects that divide nations (Mac v PC), and create debate over local issues (the future of Woolwich).

So what shall we tackle today?
  1. Illegal immigrants?
  2. Gay marriage?
  3. Why the continual rise of teenage pregnancies?
  4. Is the War on Iraq justified?
  5. What is the point of Bob Crow?
  6. Should motorbikes be allowed in bus lanes?
  7. What will happen to call centres after they've moved to the country with the cheapest labour in the World? Where next?
  8. Why work for a living when you can sponge off the state?
  9. Shooting squads for ASBOs?
I still prefer to delve into more important questions like
  1. Who made the first rubber band ball and why?
  2. Is black a real colour?
  3. Why does Ruth Kelly have such a deep voice?
  4. How old is Mae West?
It's been great receiving loads of comments from PC fans abusing us Mac users. As they're informed and considered responses, I don't mind. More the merrier.

Writing a blog is a very odd thing. With these comments flying into my mailbox, I've felt like Jon Gaunt when he had his show on BBC Radio London 94.9fm (not that I'm addicted to the station or anything). However, I found it particularly interesting how some people got prickly about the library story. I mean, that's not even a controversial subject.


philhuk said...

I used to work in Greenwich University's library and it annoys me that Woolwich seems to get all the money from Greenwich and Plumstead is basically being left behind.

p.s. you're right, Ruth Kelly's voice is unsually deep, and her eyebrows are dodgy too. Anyway, she'll be gone within a week as there is going to be a reshuffle. I predict that Hilary Armstrong will lose her job as Chief Whip too (not that you probably care about that :-) )

Anonymous said...

I would be quite concerned about questioning the age of Mae West; you'll thank her when you're drowning. Is Ruth Kelly an earnest 6th form prefect sound-alike? Quite good at stopping people smoking in the toilets would be my guess. Plumstead? Where's Plumstead?