Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Woolwich gets coffee

I'm sure the appearance of coffee shops is one barometer of an area's growth. That and the 'Pizza Express' stamp of approval.

We haven't got the latter, but whilst dodging underage mothers in Woolwich Town Centre yesterday, I noticed that Costa Coffee is coming to town. Not being a coffee drinker, I don't know whether Costa is in the same league as the big daddy, Starbucks, but it's a High Street brand and products aren't limited to one pound.
So that's a thing.

Good way to start the year eh?

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Raffles said...

Salutations of the new year, Mr Plumsteadshire. The Costa is good news, I think. It'll be an alternative to the several greasy spoons (I would never knock a good cafe but their coffee is not usually the best).

Whereabouts is the new Costa?