Sunday, 10 September 2006

Bust Yer Ear Drums

Hello lovely listener,

I've discovered two things today.

Firstly, there is definitely a petition going around to oppose the all (night) singing all (night) dancing exclusive bar, but as far as I know, one of the petitions resides in a resident's house. As this is the case, I'm not going to write their address on Plumsteadshire. If the group of resident's are going to leave a petition at a public place, ie a local post office or newsagent, then I could let my lovely listeners know and you could form an orderly queue to sign it.

I'll let you you as soon as I know.

Secondly, the date on the license application has changed. This is the notice posted on the Ship Pub's door. It's a scrappy piece of blue paper as before (aesthetics aren't high on Busta's priorities). The sell-by date on the notice has changed. I think this date, the last date of appeal, has changed to 9th October. Don't quote me on this though.

Don't be complacent though, October is just around the corner. To appeal, write to

Public Services
11th Floor, Riverside House
Woolwich High Street
SE18 6DN


Anonymous said...

Where's the petition!?
And, perhaps we can propose an alternative to Bust Yer Arse ... how about a nice gastro pub with pleasant seating out front... a place the closes the usual old-fashioned pub time and none of this new late-night license rubbish. A nice sunday roast, good pub grub, a quiet drink of an evening, something civilised. I think that might elevate this up and coming area, rather than bring the crap from woolwich and the high street up the hill. If I were business-minded and -moneyed I'd do it myself.

Anonymous said...

You can email concern and opposition to this venue to the local councillors in the Glyndon ward, which covers the area of Bust The Ship:;;

The Plumster said...

As suggested by Greenwich Watch, I emailed all Glyndon and Shooters Hill councillors about this matter some days ago. So far, only Mr Tyler, from a position somewhere on the fence has replied.

plumstead said...

Heard today from locals in the co-op that the proposed bar will be as follws...
exclusive bar and lounge with adjoining club area(hence bricked windows) a roof terrace and outdoor seating area. On the face of it, it sounds quite good as this is what plumstead needs but the name "BUST YER RHYME" somewhat alarms me and also the late license. We need a gasrto, granted, but we need something along the lines of the eskimo ,greenwich bar and grill,inc bar,gypsy moth as opposed to something that sounds like a bad day in bosnia.

mrsdp said...

I am moving to Plumstead in November with my husband - (surveyors and the like getting themselves in gear) and having purchased a beautiful house near the common shall be petitioning for all things gastropub like..I live in hope that Blackheath and the like will start to expand out and Plumstead will soon start to have restaurants and bars (where do people eat in Plumstead)? Surely a nice pub with sofas, good food, sunday lunches and a pub quiz would go down a treat near the common.
Whilst I am at it, if anyone wanted to open an Italian, Tapas Bar and boutique that wouldn't go amiss either....

Anonymous said...

think we should club together and try and find someone to bring one of their great gastro style pubs to plumstead. . The actor tamar hassan and his family have done a great job with these style of bars in deptford and greenwich . . . due to the ships location this could potentially make or break this area especially for us homeowners who see the massiv potential this area has in the next 5-10 years

Anonymous said...

If the proposed Bust "Da" Rhyme bar goes ahead as a late night club, it will make the Common a very unsafe place to be late at night. It's not that pleasant now, but a "chav-esque" club kicking out at three in the morning, with all the ensuing trouble taht goes with them can only be to the detriment of our lovely openn space.

Go-go Gastro!